• Power + Cable Management

  • Compare Power + Cable Management
  • Thread

    Thread simplifies power distribution, providing power to the devices we use and the places where we work and learn.

  • Tabletop Power and Data Solutions

    Tabletop Power and Data Solutions by Coalesse simplify the need and accessibility for tabletop power.

  • PowerPod

    More than a powerful plug-in piece, the PowerPod by Coalesse is a designer desk accessory that provides electricity and organization in one contemporary package.

  • Cableway

    Cableway helps manage cables and power at worksurface height for a clean aesthetic.

  • SOTO – Cable Management Tools

    SOTO Cableway and Cable Clip keep technology, power and charging cables in place and off the floor, managing power for a clean aesthetic.

  • SOTO – Technology + Power Solutions

    SOTO allows spaces to anticipate and accommodate shrinking technologies so users can access and share information from anywhere.

  • Powerstrips

    USB Powerstrips provide convenient, fast-charging power and data connections.