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    WorkValet™ is a locker solution for the hybrid workplace giving people a convenient and secure place to store personal belongings throughout the workday. Store a helmet, leave your coat, or tuck away your bag for an hour or the day.

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    Lockers in the Hybrid Workplace

    Workplace lockers are no longer a nice-to-have amenity. With the rise in hybrid work, people need a place to store their belongings and workplace lockers are the solution.

    Whether it´s a place to start and end the day, a frequent stop in a team space or a transition place between meetings. WorkValet creates just the right storage as people journey through the day.

    Design Flexibility

    The WorkValet flexible system enables a variety of personal storage configurations for the hybrid neighborhood. Designed in three application typologies – bay, border and hub – WorkValet lockers allow you to find the best spot for your personal belongings.

    Product Features

    WorkValet offers a broad feature set that allows you to make it your own. From basic lockers to completely customizable solutions, the WorkValet system provides choices in size and enclosure, with a wide array of additional features that allow for a high level of design and configuration freedom.


    Keeping personal items safe and secure provides peace of mind as people transition throughout the day. It’s a key pain point organizations can address as the hybrid world continues to evolve.

    With a variety of locking options that meet the needs of the workplace, WorkValet offers basic key, combination, RFID and network locking options. Reservable or on-demand by the hour or day, choose the right locking system for your organization to easily manage and optimize their use.

    Standard + Optional Features



    • Modular – 41.75″, 47.9375″, 54.125″, 66.5″, or 72″
    • Parametric – 38.0625 – 84”


    • Modular – 12, 15, 18”
    • Parametric – 9”-24”


    • Modular – 18.875, 24”
    • Parametric – 12”-24”


    • Laminate – LPL, HPL, OLL


    • Key
    • Digilock Versa – keypad & RFID
    • Digilock Aspire – keypad & RFID


    • Coat hook
    • Coat rod
    • Adjustable shelf