Height-Adjustable Desks

Ology Walkstation 

by Steelcase

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    Ology™ Walkstation is a treadmill and height adjustable desk combined that lets you bring movement to your day, feel healthier and more energized ... all while getting work done.

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    Ology Walkstation increases the choice and control people have over how they spend their workday. It’s an invitation to stride toward wellbeing goals while staying productive: Movement is known to improve alertness, boost mood and spark the creativity important to success and satisfaction at work.


    Sit, stand, walk in a single space

    The Ology Sit-to-Walkstation features an extended worksurface with room for a chair. Transition from sitting to standing to walking, quickly and comfortably – all within the footprint of this high-performance personal workspace.


    Standard + Optional Features

    • Available as Walkstation or Sit-to-Walkstation.
    • Multiple rectangular surface widths.
    • A wide selection of high-pressure laminates.
    • Four desk base finish choices, treadmill Silverstone with black trim pieces.
    • Commercial-grade treadmill with quiet, high-torque motor.
    • Maximum speed of 2.0 mph, adjustable in 0.1 mph increments, no incline.


    • Patented Soft System® surface with Neoprene shock absorbers.
    • Easy-to-use digital display and touch pad controller for table height and treadmill speed. Records and displays time, distance, speed, and calories burned.
    • Magnetic safety clip for automatic shutoff.
    • Treadmill is precision balanced with 350 lb. dynamic load-bearing capacity.


    • Desk base supports a maximum distributed weight load of 360 lbs.
    • Treadmill receiver plate for alignment.
    • Optional Integrated Rail for personalization