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KwickScreen Duo 

by KwickScreen

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    Total privacy solution. The KwickScreen Duo allows you to create a completely private bay in seconds.

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    Product Overview


    This dual screen option has an open design.

    • Creates an L-shape to fit around a bed or any obstruction.
    • Can be extended up to 20ft in a continuous line.
    • Consists of 2 screens that are attached to a central base with a rigid central panel for full privacy.
    • Create a hygienic space anytime, anywhere.
    • Easy to move and set up in seconds.
    • Easy to clean panels, compatible with all standard cleaning products and disinfectant wipes.”


    • Single touch point of use makes cleaning easy and reduces cross-infection.
    • L-shaped configuration allows screens to be assembled at different angles to suit any space.
    • Slim, lightweight frame weighs 44lbs.
    • Minimal dirt traps make the screen easy to clean and ensures that it does not harbor germs
    • Assembly is easy and takes less than 10 minutes.
    • Compliant with all international fire safety regulations.


    • Opaque or clear inner panel
    • Opaque or clear printed inner panel offered in stock or custom artwork


    The KwickScreen Duo is available in the following regions:

    • North America

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