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American Academy of Healthcare Interior Designers and Steelcase Health Award Graduate Research Fellowship

Inaugural fellowship study to focus on healthcare interior design issues

Washington, D.C. – May 14, 2009 – The American Academy of Healthcare Interior Designers (AAHID) and Steelcase Health today announced the recipient of the 2009 AAHID / Steelcase Health Graduate Research Fellowship as James J. Marstiller, MS, FASID.

The purpose of the program is to promote the importance of interior design research and to contribute to the body of knowledge for healthcare interior design, consistent with the mission of AAHID. It also reflects Steelcase Health’s mission through research and evidence-based design to change the way people experience healthcare environments.

The fellowship is also meant to assist new investigators in initiating the research aspect of their education by providing seed money to afford graduate students the opportunity to pursue new or novel areas of research.

“We are very pleased to award this fellowship to such an outstanding candidate,” said Jocelyn Stroupe, Vice President of AAHID. “The significance of the proposed research study by Mr. Marstiller, his qualifications, the clarity of his goals and his potential to make significant contributions to our industry in the future really made him the right choice in the selection committee’s mind.”

Mr. Marstiller’s research will focus on finding the best interior design practice methods for people living with dementia and other cognitive disorders and then develop a theory to prove their effectiveness, which, in the end, will increase their quality of life.

“Steelcase Health is very excited to partner with AAHID and participate in this wonderful program,” said Michael Love, president of Steelcase Health. “Steelcase Health strongly believes in evidence-based design and thorough research to better healthcare environments and we believe that Mr. Marstiller’s research will further that effort.”

AAHID and Steelcase Health will assist Mr. Marstiller in the development of his research and design exploration and the award is intended to support the recipient by providing funds to cover educational and necessary expenses during 2009.

“It is with great honor that I accept the responsibility of being named the 2009 AAHID / Steelcase Health Fellow,” said Mr. Marsitller. “I am truly humbled by AAHID’s and Steelcase Health’s generosity and am also very excited about the opportunity to look at interior design measures for those suffering from dementia or other cognitive challenges.”

During AAHID’s Annual Meeting on November 1, Mr. Marstiller will give a presentation sharing his research and will also present the results of his research at the annual Healthcare Design Conference in Orlando, Fla. (Oct. 31 – Nov. 3).


The American Academy of Healthcare Interior Designers certifies the knowledge, skills and abilities of healthcare interior designers. Board Certified Healthcare Interior Designers are distinguished and qualified by education, examination and work experience to practice healthcare interior design. The AAHID appellation recognizes excellence, commitment and knowledge. It further distinguishes preeminent healthcare interior designers from other architects, designers, decorators and interior designers. AAHID promotes research of healthcare interior environments and seeks collaboration opportunities to develop improved products for healthcare interiors with Industry Partners.

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