Duo Studio

Duo Studio

A shared space designed for paired co-creation and rapid iteration alone and together.

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Working in pairs is essential for creativity. The Duo Studio supports a trust relationship in which two people can co-create, while also supporting individual work.

Essential Elements

  • Specifically designed for dyadic work (side by side and face to face)
  • Variety of posture options encourage movement
  • Places to store personal belongings and meaningful artifacts

Leading Products

Microsoft Surface Hub

Steelcase and Microsoft can help you develop a unique ecosystem of creative spaces that is tailored to the needs of your organization.

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Umami seating, tables and screens offer an endless variety of configurations, sizes and materials options.

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Ology height-adjustable desks support the physiology and biology of workers and encourage a more health-conscious environment.

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Design Resources

Creativity Ideabook

Discover key insights and information around planning for creativity in the workplace.

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Planning Ideas

Explore a range of Duo Studio applications and download files for space planning.

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Photo Gallery

Get inspired by beautiful images that can be used in client presentations and moodboards.

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