Ash 19-11
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Material Type Leather
Price Leather 2
Offering Select Surfaces
Brand Steelcase
Content 100% Leather; Aniline
Sample Ordering Order from Cortina
Application Seating Upholstery
Global Availability Americas
Design Solid
Notes All hides are different and unique. Scratches, scars, wrinkles, and other natural markings are features of the product, not defects. These features are what make each piece one-of-a-kind and are intended to be celebrated. Learn more about our Authentic Leathers here.
Dry Crocking Class 4
Wet Crocking Class 3
Colorfastness to Light Class 3
Topical Finish None
Width 54 Inches
Country of Origin Italy
Warranty 1 Year

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(H) Horizontal (V) Vertical (FC) Fire Code