Color influences how we feel and think. It can calm, excite, and inspire. As we continue to intentionally warm up our palette, we are introducing two new laminates with matching edge band that complement our new paints. Additionally, we are bringing back our Warm White Laminate with a matching edge band. By pairing our Mocha paint with Satin Mocha laminate, we are able to offer a fourth, warm monochromatic color scheme.
To create this finish, veneer flitches with knots, contrasting streaks, and other natural markings are taken from scrap piles and used in furniture production. This one-of-a-kind aesthetic celebrates the (im)perfections found in nature.
With beauty to match brains, Think serves up style that is warm tailored and sophisticated. Now you can choose from a curated collection of monochromatic neutral color schemes and warm toned metallics. With a breadth of materials and options, Think feels at home in any workspace.
In and out of the office, the spaces around us matter. After years of uncertainty, people are seeking feelings of comfort and familiarity. As a result, available now are a range of timeless neutrals and essential accent paints that bring warmth and rejuvenation to any space or environment.
Imparting the vastness of a midnight sky, this palette feels expansive yet comforting. With a hint of light purple and multiple textures, this palette creates an atmosphere of luxury like a favorite indulgence.
Energized like the ocean, this palette incorporates calming hues and vibrant blues. The colors place us on a warm sandy beach collecting seashells, watching the calm of the bubbly surf with a refreshing cool breeze.
This palette began with imagining our favorite places in nature and weaving natural elements with man made spaces. From the green hues that we experience in our favorite gardens to the desert landscape brought in by a rich terra red, this palette brings nature to product and wellbeing to humanity.
Inspired by the comforts of home, this palette incorporates soft neutrals and natural materials. The chunky textiles remind us of a cozy blanket, our favorite nook at home and can offer a sense of serenity.
Charging stations, for people. All humans produce and emit energy, even at rest. What if that natural energy could be recycled and harnessed by the body to feel better? Designtex CELLIANT is a proprietary textile backing. It's clinically demonstrated to harness and recycle a person's body heat into infrared energy, which increases local circulation and cellular oxygenation to help thermoregulate, increase energy and promote wellbeing.
Introducing four handsome woven wonders that are right at home wherever people live, play and work right now. This creative collaboration with West Elm results in livable luxury, durable design and a sensory tactility that out-performs in corporate conference rooms and dens of domesticity.
Right on hue. High Performance Color by Design is a new textile collection created by Designtex to bring you the right blues, and yellows, and reds - along with all of their closest friends. These value priced solids and textures are graded-in to Steelcase and are ideal for high traffic environments requiring 95,000+ abrasion, Nanotechnology Stain Resistant Finishing, and compatibility with disinfectants.⁠ 72 design-driven textiles with in-stock availability to support critical project production schedules.
Hybrid Work is here to stay. Our material portfolio supports a range of applications that can individualize a space while also creating cohesion. To support a variety of aesthetics, material range has never been so important.
The Flex Personal Spaces Wrap Knit utilizes a knit-to-fit technology using a state of the art, zero-scrap manufacturing process. Made to exact measurements using two basic inputs, post-consumer recycled polyester yarn and electricity, the knit is available in cool and warm tones, with thoughtfully chosen finishes to correspond with the knit.
This unique Price Grade 3 paint breaks the stigma of (im)perfections in materiality by proudly displaying the rawness of metal and celebrating the craftmanship and markings found in manufacturing. 
Through a partnership with BASF, Steelcase Flex Perch is the first furniture product that reduces the use of fossil resources through Ccycling. Made for circularity, Steelcase Flex Perch is 100% recyclable and contributes to a system that recycles more effectively and productively for future applications.
Materials play a key role in welcoming people back into the office making the users feel invited and safe while also encouraging creativity. This palette supports spaces for mindful engagement, using materials that are warm, tactile and have variation in both color and texture.​
The Karman Line is where the atmosphere meets space, weightlessness becomes possible and going beyond becomes reality. That spirit is captured in Steelcase Karman.
As a Steelcase company, Designtex is critical to our Select Surfaces offering. All about performance on cue, Designtex is a known innovator. With an evolving catalog of 8,000 materials for numerous industries, Designtex is an option for anyone.
Pastels offer a sense of calm and relaxation. This collection recognizes the need for cleanable materials while incorporating subtle color.
Energizing collaboration through eye popping, bright colors, these highly cleanable materials will attract all creativity.
Depth created by contrasting colors and textures. These jewel toned materials keep spaces grounded while granting performance, aesthetics, sustainability, and cleanability.