The Flex Personal Spaces Wrap Knit utilizes a knit-to-fit technology using a state of the art, zero-scrap manufacturing process. Made to exact measurements using two basic inputs, post-consumer recycled polyester yarn and electricity, the knit is available in cool and warm tones, with thoughtfully chosen finishes to correspond with the knit.
This unique Price Grade 3 paint breaks the stigma of (im)perfections in materiality by proudly displaying the rawness of metal and celebrating the craftmanship and markings found in manufacturing. 
Through a partnership with BASF, Steelcase Flex Perch is the first furniture product that reduces the use of fossil resources through Ccycling. Made for circularity, Steelcase Flex Perch is 100% recyclable and contributes to a system that recycles more effectively and productively for future applications.
Materials play a key role in welcoming people back into the office making the users feel invited and safe while also encouraging creativity. This palette supports spaces for mindful engagement, using materials that are warm, tactile and have variation in both color and texture.​
The Karman Line is where the atmosphere meets space, weightlessness becomes possible and going beyond becomes reality. That spirit is captured in Steelcase Karman.
As a Steelcase company, Designtex is critical to our Select Surfaces offering. All about performance on cue, Designtex is a known innovator. With an evolving catalog of 8,000 materials for numerous industries, Designtex is an option for anyone.
Pastels offer a sense of calm and relaxation. This collection recognizes the need for cleanable materials while incorporating subtle color.
Energizing collaboration through eye popping, bright colors, these highly cleanable materials will attract all creativity.
Depth created by contrasting colors and textures. These jewel toned materials keep spaces grounded while granting performance, aesthetics, sustainability, and cleanability.