Owned team space using the Work Valet lockers as a border between the workstations and the rest of the office spaces. Using the frame base makes the application feel lighter and helps differentiate from other locker alternatives. Name tags and mail slots allows users to identify and assign their personal locker while the wardrobe provides a space for bigger items such as coats and jackets. Including a planter allows biophilia to belong to the space and give a it a more residential feel. Workstations in the back of the lockers will have the choice and control over how to place their workstation, depending on how much privacy they need. Equipped with the eclipse light for video call with remote participants and a collaborative setting along the back wall makes this space ideal for the hybrid worker.

Products WorkValet™, Steelcase Flex Perch, Migration SE, FSMA Family of Monitor Arms, Steelcase Flex Whiteboard Solutions, Steelcase Flex Screens, Divisio Frameless Screen
Setting Type:
Customizable No