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  • Steelcase

    Share It Collection

    Share It Collection structures space into good neighbourhoods: places where individuals and teams feel comfortable to interact, share and focus.

  • Steelcase

    Share It

    Share It is a modular storage system. It offers personal storage, team storage, meeting point solutions and lockers. Share It can be also used as space dividers, structuring workspaces.

  • Steelcase

    Volum Art

    Volum Art offers a comprehensive storage solution. From individual pedestals, mid-size cupboards to large cabinets, the Volum Art family is complete and diverse.

  • Bolia

    Floow Sideboard

    FLOOW from Bolia takes its name from its 'floating' frame which gives the sideboard a lighter look.

  • Steelcase

    Lockers Collection

    A new office landscape is emerging and storage needs to evolve with it. The nature of work shifts from creating alone to creating together. It’s an environment that hosts spaces for time alone and time with others, often in shared spaces.

  • Steelcase

    High Density Storage

    High Density Storage extends the workspace by offering storage near the workstation. It can be used as a space divider, structuring personal and team workspaces.

  • Steelcase

    Universal Storage

    Universal Storage is a complete storage family of medium–to-high capacity metal cupboards. It is a robust work tool. It can be combined with functional and ergonomic internal fittings.

  • Steelcase


    This modular storage system offers high flexibility for all environments. It can be used as individual or team storage. Its patented connector enables fast connection with a simple coin to lock and unlock it

  • Orangebox

    Pars Credenza

    A range of concise & classic credenzas.