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    Designed for eight to twenty people, BAE worktables are ideal in workspaces where the collaborative is as important as the personal; the casual valued above formality.

    The tops overhang the structure to avoid generous free leg space and allow two people between each leg, with an additional two people at each end, either in line or at right angles along the short end of the table.

    Each top can be specified as a single material or as a threeway split to encourage a more personal demarcation of the worktop. Each of its three planks can also be specified individually from the oak or coloured laminate ranges, or, similarly, by combining finishes from the melamine range.

    BAE worktables can be specified with either an LED task light liner separating the two sides of the table, and positioned and dimensioned to offer seated users visual privacy at eye height, or the adjustable circular Pablo LED task light. Power/data is available via on-top socket units or within below-top power boxes accessed via lift-off circular disc lids.

    surface materials

    This product is available in the following surface materials:

    Oak Frame: Oak, Oak stained to Walnut, Oak stained to Black, Dark Distressed Oak

    Table Tops — Laminate: White Fleetwood, Grey Bardolino, Fenix Grigio Londra, White Oak, Natural Davos, Fenix Piombo Doha, Fenix Titanio Doha, Grey Arizona, Fenix Nero Ingo, Fenix Grigio Efeso, Fenix Bianco Alaska, Tobacco Charleston

    Table Tops — Laminate Younique® Pattern — Standard Leadtime: Modernist 1, Modernist 2, Floral 1, Line, Fracture 1, Fracture 2, Houndstooth 1, Jacquard 1

    Table Tops — Oak Plank Top:Oak, Oak stained to Walnut, Oak stained to Black, Dark Distressed Oak, White Oak

    Global Availability

    The product is available in the following regions:

    • Europe
    • Middle East
    • Africa
    • Asia Pacific
    BAE OrangeboxOpen image tooltip

    Plain triple Bay

    Height: 730 mm
    Width: 5660 mm
    Depth: 1400 mm

    BAE OrangeboxOpen image tooltip

    Plain double Bay

    Height: 730 mm
    Width: 1480 mm
    Depth: 1400 mm

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