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    QiVi chair promotes movement and collaboration while supporting a variety of postures.


    About QiVi
    Features + Benefits
    Pivoting Back + Gliding Seat

    About QiVi

    About QiVi

    Optimized Comfort, Enhanced Collaboration

    People don’t just sit in meetings. They interact, brainstorm and create. QiVi, an intelligently designed collaborative office chair, encourages movement, supports multiple postures and provides comfort for extended periods of time—fostering collaboration in a variety of settings.

    Features + Benefits

    Features + Benefits

    Comfortable Collaboration

    Collaboration is increasingly common in the workplace. Based on three key observations and insights, QiVi was designed as an ergonomic chair to increase comfort during collaboration.

    • Encourages movement and supports multiple postures
    • Automatic and intuitive backrest and seat adjustments
    • Pivoting backrest and gliding seat that move with the body

    Pivoting Back + Gliding Seat

    Pivoting Back + Gliding Seat

    Automatic Adjustment, Maximized Performance

    QiVi is an ergonomic chair designed with a pivoting backrest and gliding seat that allow automatic adjustments in posture or position.

    Pivoting Backrest
    Pivoting backrest naturally adjusts as the body moves.

    Gliding Seat
    Gliding seat naturally moves forward and back with the user, encouraging posture shift.

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    The Steelcase Seating Difference

    At Steelcase, we study how you work and how you feel. You inspire new seating solutions, each expressed with uncompromising quality, craftsmanship and sustainability.

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    Collaborative Story

    The QiVi office chair was designed specifically to foster collaboration and was based on three key insights:

    1. Chairs should promote movement and be comfortable for long periods of time
    2. Adjustments should be automatic and intuitive
    3. Chairs should support multiple postures


    Life Cycle
    LEED Contribution



    Designing for Sustainability

    We believe the only way to provide the best office furniture solutions is to ensure they’re the best products for the environment. That’s why every step of the way – through design, manufacturing, delivery and product lifecycle – we consider the impact of our work on people and on the environment and uncover opportunities to make things better.

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    17 %

    Up to

    recycled content by weight

    93 %

    Up to

    recyclable by weight

    Life Cycle

    Life Cycle


    17% recycled content by weight.

    PVC-free. 100% recycled cardboard and 30% recycled LDPE film (Low Density Polyethylene) in packaging.

    Water-based inks without solvent on packaging


    ISO 14001/ EMAS certification of the production sites.

    No gluing processes in the assembly.

    Powder coat painting: VOC-free and free of heavy metals.


    Manufactured close to customers.


    Designed for a long product life.

    Replaceable parts.

    No toxic substances released by our eco-labelled textiles.

    Maintenance information is available on

    End of life

    Theoretically 93% recyclable by weight.

    100% recyclable cardboard and LDPE film for packaging.

    Plastic parts clearly labelled for easy sorting and effective recycling..

    LEED Contribution

    LEED Contribution

    Steelcase helps customers seeking LEED certification to identify products and programs that can contribute to LEED criteria in the categories of Materials and Resources, Indoor Environmental Quality and Innovation (Ergonomics Training, Sustainability Training, Product Innovation).

    Learn about Steelcase’s direct and indirect contributions to a project’s pursuit of LEED certification across LEED’s three categories:

    • Building Design + Construction
    • Interior Design + Construction
    • Operations + Maintenance

    Since the USGBC and its certification partner, GBCI, evaluate each project individually, the role our products play in achieving LEED certification is unique to each project.



    Certifications can help you choose products that are environmentally sustainable and just right for your project. Qivi has achieved the following certifications:

    Environmental Product Declaration (EPD).

    With QiVi we can provide a Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), an environmental declaration according to the objectives of ISO 14021.

    NF Environnement.

    QiVi complies with the French environmental certification “NF Environnement” (ISO 14024).


    The polyester fabric is labelled with the “Oeko-Tex 100 Standard”.

    European Flower.

    The pure wool fabric is labelled with the “European Flower”.

    Indoor Advantage.

    QiVi is certified with the Indoor Advantage™ Gold certification, a high level certificate for indoor air quality.


    Options + Dimensions
    Global Availability

    Options + Dimensions

    Options + Dimensions

    Main options

    • Two different backrests: net or plain back
    • conference 5 stars base on castors with armrests
    • conference 4 stars base on glides with armrests
    • Sled version (stackable or not stackable) with armrests
    • 4 legs with armrests
    • 4 legs on castors with armrests

    Global Availability

    Global Availability

    This product is available in the following regions:

    • Africa
    • Asia Pacific
    • Central America
    • Europe
    • Middle East
    • North America
    • South America
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    2012 – North America – Spark Design Award

    QiVi seating was awarded a silver Spark Design Award in the Product Design category. The Spark Awards promote better living through better design. The jury seeks products from designers around the globe – with any range of skill and education – that address problems through design.

    2010 – Germany – iF Design Award

    The Design Forum International in Hannover honoured the meeting chair QiVi with the coveted

    iF Design Award.

    The IF Design Award has been one of the most important design awards since 1954. Every year more than 1800 products from 30 different countries are registered. The jury was composed of international designers.


    Germany – ‘Red Dot’ award 2010

    The collaborative chair QiVi received a ‘Red Dot’ award 2010 in the Product Design category. The international “Red Dot design award” is one of the largest and most famous design competitions in the world. Based in Germany, Red Dot attracts submissions from more than 50 countries.

    Japan – Good Design Award

    The collaborative seat Qivi was granted a Good Design Award by the Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization (JIDPO), during the design exhibition ‘GOOD DESIGN EXPO’, hosted in Tokyo. Good Design Expo is one of the biggest design event in Asia. The event showcases items subject to the 2nd screening of Good Design Awards.

    North America – Good Design® award

    The collaborative chair QiVi was awarded the Good Design® award. This award is granted by the Chicago Athenaeum of Architecture and Design. Founded in 1950, Good Design awards publicly acknowledge the world’s most prestigious industrial design firms and manufacturers.

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    Work from Home

    While teams are working from home, we’re working to keep them comfortable. You can lean on Steelcase as your one trusted point of contact for products that blend performance with design.

    Due to local regulations, select products are available in the UK.

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