Privacy Please

Today’s workers are craving a balance. Open offices foster collaboration but often leave people longing for a bit of privacy. Outside conversations can be highly distracting and there are times when information being discussed shouldn’t be overheard. But the rise of open offices doesn’t mean privacy in the workplace is a thing of the past.

We understand the value of teamwork, but it’s important to not overlook the value of solo work. Allowing people to have control over the environment they work in empowers them to produce their best work. By creating a variety of spaces in the office to allow for varying degrees of privacy and by utilizing tools to minimize distractions, open offices can be very productive and satisfying places to work.

The Privacy Crisis

Although workplaces today make it seemingly easy for people to collaborate, most leaders remain dissatisfied with the pace and frequency of breakthroughs.

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Supporting Your Need for Office Privacy

Three design strategies for supporting privacy in the workplace give choice and control back to workers.

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Products that Support Privacy

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Lagunitas Lounge System

The Lagunitas Lounge System gives people the option to work in comfort and privacy with endless configuration options to fit a variety of spaces.

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Brody WorkLounge Open image tooltip


Brody work lounges and desks offer a way create dedicated private, workspaces in open-plan offices.

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Divisio Frameless Screen Open image tooltip


Whether working solo at a desk or collaborating in a group, screens help eliminate distractions by creating semi-private spaces.

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Partito Screen Open image tooltip

Walls + Panels

Browse our selection of walls and panels to see how you can create defined spaces for individual workers.

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A complete plug-and-play system, Officebricks Acoustic Pods offers top-level sound insulation in an inviting atmosphere Open image tooltip

Acoustic Solutions

Acoustic solutions give you a way to reduce distracting noise levels and improve speech privacy in open space environments.

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Advanced Privacy Solutions

Casper Cloaking Technology

Casper Cloaking Technology adds privacy to glass-walled meeting rooms by preventing outside viewers from seeing information displayed on LED and LCD screens.

Casper Cloaking Technology is now available in EMEA!

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