Height-Adjustable Workstations

Migration SE Pro

by Steelcase

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    The next generation height-adjustable desking platform with improved performance, robust stability and a design that is visually lighter and invites customization.



    Silent and Powerful

    The new motor enables a smooth, seamless and remarkably silent transition between postures. The controller can also store four different posture settings, ensuring ease of adjustments.


    Robust Stability

    The refined understructure is visually lighter, yet has improved structural integrity due to new connection points, that make Migration SE Pro more sturdy than ever – suitable for heavy daily use and multiple reconfigurations.


    Tailored Expression


    Creative expression injects inspiration and energy into the workplace. Choose round legs for a softer look or rectangular legs to define stronger lines. An extended selection of work surfaces and a fresh palette of colours also help Migration SE Pro to harmonise with soft settings in your team neighbourhoods, creating a welcoming work environment.

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    Your personal cove

    Bundle Migration SE Pro 90 degree desks with Sarto privacy side & front screens to create an individual focus cove for users, supporting comfort as well as providing control of their environment.

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    A home for teams

    Migration SE Pro 120 bench is the ideal home for teams, combined with Sarto screens a wide range of options enable the perfect combination of space and privacy.

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    A quick burst of work

    The Migration SE Pro 90 degree bench is a multimodal work point designed for any user to immediately focus and engage in a quick burst of work.

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    Collaborating in the open

    The Migration SE Pro meeting table is designed mindfully to support and encourage team engagement by leveraging the worktop geometry and providing quick access to power and height control.

    Product Range

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    Freestanding desk

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    dual-sided Bench

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    single-sided bench


    Standard + Optional Features
    Global Availability

    Standard + Optional Features

    Standard + Optional Features

    Global Availability

    Global Availability

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