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  • Steelcase


    Diversal was designed to address the need for flexibility, both in how companies operate, and how people work and collaborate.

  • Steelcase

    Ology Bench and Desk

    Ology bench adds the benefits of height-adjustability to a wide range of benching applications, improving users wellbeing while maximising real estate.

  • Steelcase

    Steelcase Flex Tables

    Steelcase Flex tables support both individual focus work and collaboration, and come in a variety of sizes, seated or standing-height options. Available in December 2019.

  • Steelcase


    The versatile Sit2Stand provides users with a palette of posture – a variety of options to sit, stand or move throughout their day, with choice and control over how they work.

  • Steelcase


    Airtouch promotes wellness in the workplace, enabling users to change their working positions from seated to standing.

  • Steelcase

    Migration Family

    Migration height-adjustable desk allows employees to transition from seated to standing height postures throughout the day, stimulating mental and physical activity and promoting wellbeing in individual and group workspaces.