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New Research on Employee Engagement + The Global Workplace

1/3 of workers in 17 of the world’s most important economies are disengaged, according to new research from Steelcase. Working with global research firm Ipsos, the Steelcase Global Report is the first to explore the relationship between engagement and the workplace.

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Designing a Resilient Workplace

The Steelcase Global Report uncovered a correlation between engagement and the workplace. These findings led to important insights into out leading organizations can use the workplace to drive engagement.

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360 Real Time Podcast: Why Workers are Rejecting the Sea of Sameness in the Office

Workers are rejecting the uninspiring sea of sameness that has come to be known as “the office.” Listen to 360 Magazine editor Chris Congdon discuss the recent Steelcase research on how organizations can create informal, authentic and inspiring spaces.

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Workplace Trends

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Creating Conditions for Creativity

In the race for bigger, faster and better, innovation and creativity come at a price, demanding the brightest minds and hottest talent in the industry. But while innovation and creativity may come naturally to some, organizations of all sizes often struggle to remain nimble and support the quick pivots necessary for the creative process.

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One Table Fits... All

A purposeful table can do more than just hold work. It can inspire ease and civility, and gather a community to build richer ideas together. Yet in the workplace, the typical meeting table isn’t always supportive or welcoming.

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Education + Health

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A Revised Lesson Plan for Student Success

There’s growing concern among students, parents, educators, administrators, governments and employers: The return on investment in education needs bolstering, and that requires an updated perspective, new strategies and new metrics for student success.

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Transforming the Exam Room

Going to the doctor is one of the most personal and vulnerable experiences we have. Yet, today’s exam room is designed for the old model of healthcare – for physicians to perform physical exams, minimal charting or typing on a computer.  Now, Steelcase has identified ways that actively support our physical, technological, and emotional needs.

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