Steelcase Workplace Advisor - Privacy

Your Privacy.

Our Priority.

We’re committed to helping organizations offer the best workspaces, but never at the expense of your privacy. That’s why our data-sensing products are designed with leading-edge privacy protections— starting with Steelcase Workplace Advisor Subscription.

How it Works

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1. Collect

Anonymous data is collected from room sensors.

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2. Store

Data is securely stored on the Microsoft Azure cloud, and protected by strict access controls.

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3. Display

Live reports can be viewed via the online dashboard.

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Steelcase Workplace Advisor Subscription

Workplace Advisor Subscription equips your organization with the information it needs to make the workplace work harder for you while keeping your privacy safe and protected.


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We only collect what we need — nothing more.

Workplace Advisor is intentionally designed to collect only the data that it needs in order to function. The collected data improves the workplace and helps Workplace Advisor function more efficiently overall. Workplace Advisor is designed to eliminate the collection of personal or identifiable data, and all data that’s collected is securely encrypted to ensure privacy every step of the way.


Safe storage to protect you and the company.

Our layered defense strategy combines protective tools with active monitoring to keep both you and the organization you work for secure. We continually evaluate our protections and adopt industry-best practices to offer a reliable, tailored approach to privacy that includes the following:

  • Software, gateways and sensors are rigorously penetration-tested and reviewed by a well-respected third-party security partner.
  • The system has no ability to make or permit inbound connections to the customer’s network.
  • Network activity and data are continuously monitored for security events with a 24/7-staffed third-party security partner.
  • Advanced firewall and web application firewalls are strictly controlled and monitored.
  • Wireless adapters and information are secured in transit from the sensors to the gateways and are encrypted by AES128 encryption and authentication.
  • Ethernet adapters and network traffic information are secured in transit and encrypted from the gateway to the Steelcase platform with TLS 1.2, and up to 2,048-bit SHA256.
  • Gateways accept “pairing” and registration from devices during installation only, and refuse pairing and registration from devices that are not sensors.
  • Gateways are protected; no default passwords or keys are used, and no unused services are enabled.


Data display designed with your discretion in mind.

With an easy-to-understand design, Workplace Advisor’s user-friendly dashboard gives organizations meaningful insights into how their spaces are used. All unnecessary information is stripped from the dashboard, with role-based controls ensuring only the appropriate people have access to data.

We're Here for You.

Our goal is to offer helpful tools that make your work experience better, so if you would like a copy of any personal information we have stored or want us to delete any personal data, just email us at

Personal information will never be sold, and once your organization is no longer using our service, we dispose of all identifying information. You have our word.

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