An Office Renaissance

An Office Renaissance

Workplaces designed to support the emotional, cognitive and physical needs of people.

Design Inspiration

People are rejecting the uninspiring sea of sameness that has come to be known as the office. Instead, they want informal, authentic and inspiring spaces where they feel an emotional connection. They want the freedom to choose where and how they work.

This cultural movement is redefining the corporate workplace—from a singular focus on efficiency, towards a pluralistic approach that enriches the emotional, cognitive and physical wellbeing of people.

Organizations are listening. They’re creating thoughtfully-curated workplaces that have become destinations where people want to work. Places where you can work in a café with your feet up or sit at a desk and focus. Where you’re able to work alone or together, with access to everything you need to actually get work done.

Purposeful work deserves meaningful places that bring together design, materiality and performance—because how a space performs is just as critical as how it looks and feels.

Design Inspiration



As organizations continue to seek and create informal, authentic and inspiring spaces, we have designed this book to showcase how the Steelcase family of brands can respond with spaces that blend design, materiality and performance.

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Social Spaces

Brody WorkLounge with seat and back in Designtex Gamut Persimmon 3468-703, surround in Designtex Gamut Pewter 3468-808, side surface in Virginia Walnut 2535. Shown with footrest in Designtex Gamut Persimmon 3468-703.

Bivi Rumble Seat in Kvadrat Letters 140, frame in Matte Brass 4B22*. Shown with Bivi Rumble Seat in Designtex Reppweave Navy 3747-403, frame in Burnished Bronze 4B23*; Bassline Table with top in Planked Oak 3NXX*, legs in Burnished Bronze 4B23*, with Marble to Match Zodiac London Sky tablet.

Together Bench in Designtex Heather Slate 3473-803. Shown with Hosu Lounges in Designtex Lambert Fog 3623-801, base in Elmorustical Charbrown L326; Alight Ottomans in Designtex Brushed Flannel Blue 3797-403; Thread in Merle 7360.

Regard Lounge in Alloy Element P533, frame in Platinum Metallic 4799.

Millbrae Lifestyle Sofa in Kvadrat Remix 2-123, legs in Black Matte 4710; Lagunitas Personal Table with top in Fusion Graphite CL62, base in Graphite Matte 4180.

Bivi Rumble Seat in Designtex Heather Gull Grey 3473-801, legs in Arctic White 4140. Shown with Bivi Rumble Seat in Kvadrat Remix 2-612, legs in Night Bronze 4B24*; Bassline Table with top in Planked Oak 3NXX*, legs in Night Bronze 4B24*; Alight Ottomans in Designtex Brushed Flannel Blue 3797-403; Carl Hansen & Son CH468 Oculus Chair in Designtex Mohair Plus Bittersweet 3575-105.

Lagunitas Lounge in Kvadrat Canvas 244. Shown with Massaud Lounge in Elmorustical Leather 12114, base in Matte Midnight Brown 4193.

Enea Lottus Stools in White Plastic 003, base in White 4016. Shown with Emu Heaven Table and Chair in Textured Black Matte 7234.

Visalia Lounge in Kvadrat Divina Melange 460830-120, surround in Kvadrat Hallingdal 460760-130, legs in Platinum Matte 4141. Shown with Sebastopol Table with top in Natural Oak V3AK, interior in Smoky White Glossy Laminate 2001; Exponents Credenza in Natural Oak V30K.

Focus Spaces

Lagunitas Lounge in Designtex Rothesay Marble 3442-101, base in Coal 5K59. Shown with Holy Day Round Table in Elmorustical Loam L318; V.I.A. Architectural Solution with wood in Medium Natural 3F6X, monitor shroud in Merle 7360, fabric in Designtex Gamut Pumice 3468-802, accent skin in Designtex Large Stripe (surface imaging on Gamut).

Bivi Desk in Walnut Veneer Graphite 3382 and Canary 4BH7 paint*, bracket modesty panels in Billiard Multi-use by Designtex Ink 5H22, screens in Designtex Billiard Panel Sunflower 4116-201. Shown with Amia Stools in Remix Concrete Grey RE08.

Brody WorkLounge with surround in Designtex Chromatic Citron 3253-502, screen in Acrylic. Shown with footrest in Designtex Chromatic Citron 3253-502.

Jenny Club Low in Billiard Multi-use by Designtex Mallard 5H17. Shown with Campfire Slim Table and Skate Table in Clay Wenge 2HCW and Arctic White Gloss 4140; Campfire Footrest with Merle 6527 band.

Bivi Desk in Ash Wenge 2HAW and Cotton Candy 4AZ0 paint*. Shown with Massaud Conference Chair in Designtex Chromatic Graphite 3253-810, loop arms in Aluminum; Bivi Rumble Seat in Designtex Boucle Petal 3659-301; Carl Hansen & Son CH008 Coffee Table in Oak.

Answer Panel in Clay Wenge Laminate 2HCW, backpainted glass in Winter 6595. Shown with Ology Height Adjustable Desk with top in Arctic White 2L30, legs in Platinum Metallic 4799; Gesture Chair in Remix Night Blue RE13.

Collaboration Spaces

Massaud Conference Chairs in Elmosoft Parchment L711, base in Aluminum. Shown with Potrero415 Table in Natural Oak 43AK, legs in Milk Matte 4242, ring detail in Chrome 9201; Exponents Mobile Mediaboard Display in Natural Oak V3AK, metal finish in Milk Gloss 4145.

Regard Lounge in Bo Peep Sharkskin 5G85, frame in Platinum Metallic 4799. Shown with Denizen Tables with top in Planked Walnut 3PJX, base in Platinum Gloss 4142; LessThanFive Chairs in Blue Matte 4234.

QiVi Seating in Cogent: Connect Tangerine 5S17, back in QiVi Net Tangerine QN03, frame and base in Arctic White 6009. Shown with Payback Conference Table in Arctic White 2L30.

media:scape TeamTheater Collaborative Setting in Designtex Hue Taupe 2710-807 and Designtex Pigment Crimson 2711-302. Shown with Enea Stools; Wallcovering in Designtex Made to Measure–Desert Moon by Stella Maria Baer.

Together Bench in Designtex Baratto Beach 3266-102. Shown with Wrapp Chair in Kvadrat Divina Melange 1213-581, base in Chrome; media:scape Table in Clear Walnut 3702.

Campfire Big Table in Storm Wenge 2LSW. Shown with Scoop Stools in Arctic White, seat in Designtex Billiard Cloth Pewter 3549-804; Bivi Big Depot in Arctic White 6009.

Together Bench in Kvadrat Hallingdal 65-110, pillows in Kvadrat Outback 851 and Kvadrat Remix 2-123. Shown with SW_1 Lounge in Kvadrat Divina Melange 1213-260, mesh in 3D Knit Coal 5K29, lumbar in Designtex Boucle Parakeet 3659-501, base in Aluminum Matte 8040, tablet in Milk 6052; Buoy in Arctic White 6009, cap in Designtex Rocket Chlorophyll 2693-504; Thread in Merle 7360; PolyVision e3 CeramicSteel chalkboard.

Potrero415 Table with top in Corian White, legs in Milk Matte 4242, leg detail in Chrome 9201, with PowerPod. Shown with Montara650 Seating in Designtex Heather Bluebell 3473-402, shell in Grey Oak VP04, legs in Graphite Gloss 4138.

Lagunitas Lounge in Designtex Lolland Prussian 3263-401, base in Stone 5K50. Shown with Lagunitas Table with top in Desert Oak V31K, base in Arctic White Gloss 4140; LessThanFive Chairs in Light Fade Matte 4235.

*Available Winter 2016-2017