The Office Renaissance

The Office Renaissance

People are rebelling against the uninspiring sea of sameness that has come to be known as the office.

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Material Trends in 2017

Designtex president Susan Lyons looks ahead to the rest of 2017, revealing which trends she sees sticking around at work.

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Purposeful work deserves meaningful places that blend design, materiality and performance — how a space performs is just as critical as how it looks and feels.


A Rebirth. And Why it Matters.

In this issue of the Steelcase 360 Magazine, we explore the rebirth of the office and how people are rebelling against the sea of sameness that defines many workplaces today.

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Why Materials Make a Difference to Your Workplace

Why Materials Make a Difference to Your Workplace

Warm, humanistic and natural materials layer together creating inspiring places where people want to work.

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360 Magazine Issue 71 Office Renaissance

5 Reasons Your Office Has Changed

Office construction and remodeling numbers are up in the United States. An office renaissance is underway and changes are happening fast. Steelcase designers and researchers offer insights into five key reasons we’re seeing changes now.

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Creative Spaces, Steelcase + Microsoft

Why People Search for Better Workspaces

A new Gallup report issues an urgent call to action for organizations: Provide an excellent workplace or people may leave.

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