Create a Sustainable Workplace

Steelcase has the products + services + insights that can help you create and maintain a sustainable, interconnected workplace.

Services to help you create a sustainable workplace

We understand how work and workers have changed and how that has changed the workplace. Steelcase has the products + services + insights that can help you create and maintain a sustainable, interconnected workplace.

Steelcase and Steelcase dealers offer clients a portfolio of workplace services. It’s about understanding your needs, exploring options, applying the right products, and ensuring your investment is delivered, installed and maintained. Steelcase delivers products and services through a network of independent dealers in over 650 locations globally. Our dealer network is the most extensive and experienced in the world, delivering global experience with local service.

Workplace Surveys

A+D Consultants - Contact Us



Form Follows Function

Steelcase offers an employee survey, developed in collaboration with global research firm Ipsos, that measures workplace satisfaction, a strategic lever that can positively impact employee engagement within an organization.

A+D Consultants - Contact Us

A+D Consultants - Contact Us


Steelcase has a dedicated team of A+D consultants supporting the design community.

Contact your local A&D workplace consultant for more information.

Design Alliance Principals

Eastern North America + Latin America
Jerry Holmes: Principal, Design Alliances

Western North America
Denise Calehuff: Principal, Design Alliances

Financial Services

Our Offer
Limited Time Offer



A business tool that provides flexibility and affordability.

Are you trying to figure out a way to get the furniture you really need with the budget you’ve been given?

Are you optimizing your cash flow?

Are you looking at your organization’s complete strategy for creating an interconnected workplace?

Steelcase Financial Services can help.

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Our Offer

Our Offer

We have flexible financing and lease options to meet your needs.

You can choose to own the products or you can use the products now and in the future, decide whether you want to purchase or return them. You can count on us to help provide the best solutions.

And to make it easy, you can include both your work environment products and services like interior design, delivery, and installation into your low, monthly payment. Just ask your local Steelcase dealer for a quote.


Since 1994, our consultants have been sharing their insights and experience to help identify solutions to have a positive effect on cash flow, return on equity and return on assets.

We can provide information on topics such as tax implications and industry trends, as well as an analysis of tactics like lease vs. buy.



Steelcase Financial Services offers solid options for:

Conserving Capital

Financing allows you to pay for your purchase in low monthly payments. Instead of tying up your money in a capital equipment purchase or utilizing bank loans. You retain your cash for investing in higher return opportunities. Financing also circumvents capital budget restraints.

Protecting your lines of credit

Financing allows you to keep your credit lines open and preserve your borrowing power for
other opportunities.

Managing your balance sheet

Certain options may help you to better manage the balance sheet and improve the overall financial picture including return on equity and return
on assets.

Realizing tax benefits

You may be able to deduct 100 percent of your payment as a business expense.

Maximizing purchasing power

Acquire what you want, when you need it.


Customize a program to address needs and requirements — cash flow, budget, cyclical fluctuations, and end-of-term options.



It’s about your strategy

Do you want to have the benefits of owning the products or do you want to use them for a period of time and then have the flexibility of purchasing or returning at a later date?

Maybe there are parts of your workplace environment that you want to refresh every
few years.

Steelcase Financial Services can help fulfill those needs  from two of our most popular options:

Fair Market Value Lease

Used when flexibility of using products now with option to own or return later.

  • Lease payment may be able to be deducted by lessee
  • May qualify for off-balance sheet, operating lease treatment for reporting purposes
  • Lower payment compared to a $1 Buy Out Lease
  • At the end of the lease term, purchase products for fair market value, renew the lease or return products to Steelcase Financial Services because you are either done using them or you are going to refresh your space with all new products

$1 Buy Out Lease

Used when ownership is the main objective.

  • Depreciation expense may be able to be claimed by lessee
  • Interest portion of lease payment may be able to be deducted by lessee
  • At the end of the lease term, purchase the products
    for $1.00

Limited Time Offer

Limited Time Offer

Now is the time to act!

Our Great Rate financing promotion helps you to take advantage of below market interest rates from 0% while creating a high performing, sustainable workplace that brings people together to focus, collaborate, socialize and learn.

Offer available to qualified commercial clients only. Minimum order $5,000. Steelcase Financial Services’ standard underwriting criteria apply.

Contact your local Steelcase dealer for eligibility requirements.

Steelcase Financial Services can help you:

  • refresh your existing workplace with new, updated furniture and a more effective workplace
  • acquire the furniture you really want, when you need it
  • retain your cash for other needs keep your credit lines open and preserve your borrowing power for other opportunities

If it’s been a few years since your organization has acquired products from Steelcase or if you are new to how we can provide you with the environment and tools to accomplish your goals better, faster and more effectively, now is the time to act.

Recycle + Reuse

Sell + Charitable Reuse
Recycle + Refurbish



No one needs an office in a landfill™

If you have office furniture that you no longer want or need, Steelcase can provide resources for you to assist in removal and decommissioning.

Through our dealer network, we can pair you with resources that can evaluate your furniture inventory and offer options for reuse or recycle, all with your environmental goals in mind. The intent is for these used products to be placed back into service for reuse with other organizations through brokering or donation, or because of age and condition of the used products, be recycled. We have partnerships on a local and national level that will help guide you through the process on a project by project basis.

There are options from which to choose with social, environmental, and economic benefits.

Sell + Charitable Reuse

Sell + Charitable Reuse


Our partners can assist with decommission decisions by evaluating the furniture you intend to decommission. They can provide a market value for used furniture in the open market.

Charitable Reuse

More than just helping the environment, you can also help others. On a local level, organizations in need of furniture solutions for their charitable organizations is another avenue for lightly used office furniture. This can benefit both the donors and the recipients. Our partners can help identify which items are best suited for acceptance by a charity.

Recycle + Refurbish

Recycle + Refurbish


Reclaiming the materials found in office furniture and other assets is not always a small undertaking because of many variables. Yet there is merit to recycling. Materials found in used furniture can be made into something new again or, as a last resort, reclaimed and converted as waste to energy solutions.

Asset Management

Although your office is done using certain furniture, could other locations within your organizations benefit from using it? Utilizing our vast dealer network, our asset management solutions can help. We can keep an inventory of exactly what you have, where it is, and if it’s available- making it easy to manage while making your investment go father.


Sometimes refurbishing your existing Steelcase furniture is an option with new fabrics or finishes. New components can be added to extend your furniture investment. Our partners can provide guidance and advise if reusing some existing furniture in your project may also help earn credit towards LEED Certification.

Performance Management

Our Program



For large organizations with multiple locations, a strategic approach is necessary to manage the complexity in order to drive down and control costs. We can help.

Through a single point of accountability, we apply our experience and processes in furniture and asset management to positively impact real estate utilization; furniture acquisition, moves and maintenance costs; social and environmental factors.

Our Program

Our Program

Our program includes:

  • Exploration and discovery of an organization’s product and service order processes and resources, so we can tailor the right solution to meet your goals
  • Planning and development of a custom service offering with mapped processes and contractual service provider agreements to ensure desired outcomes
  • Providing communication, training, as  well as a personalized work flow management center with easy access to representatives for service requests, order initiation and/or follow-up
  • Managing, measuring and reporting of services performed by Steelcase dealers and other service providers

Performance Management guarantees measurable and consistent service levels, assuring that Steelcase is accountable for the total end-to-end experience — from request for quote, through delivery, installation and ongoing services.


Proven Benefits



Efficiency Enchanced

Looking to improve your performance, reduce cycle times, and save money? Our web-based tools help you streamline facilities management and furniture procurement tasks.

We provide you with a customized portal integrated with our business and inventory solutions to address your needs.

Want to know more? Contact your local Steelcase dealer or your local Steelcase representative.

Proven Benefits

Proven Benefits


Communicate with your internal audiences. Help them quickly learn about your furniture standards and applications, workplace insights and research, contact information, and process documentation.


Simplify the purchase of all furniture and furniture-related transactions.

Need a single chair? Buy it from an on-line catalog that shows only the products, options, and finishes you approve. Need a furniture solution to address the needs of an entire department? Use the same portal to find, review, and purchase from a Steelcase dealer. Our eCommerce engine can be scaled to capture all your spend at the line item level without you having to touch a key.

Need to integrate with an eProcurement system? Want to leverage the cost savings advantages of eInvoicing? No problem. We routinely connect with Ariba, SAP, Oracle, SciQuest, and others so that you take advantage of transaction efficiency and spend management effectiveness.

Want to know more? Contact your local Steelcase dealer or your local Steelcase representative.


Link project team members (facilities, internal/external design, dealer, etc.) to project information within a shared project space. Your teams save time by staying up to date with access to the current project documentation and latest drawing revisions.

Monitor Performance

Transparency is yours using leading edge integration between our portal and the Steelcase dealer business system. In real time (anytime), view furniture quotes, purchase order status, delivery schedules, punch list issue status, invoice and payment details, and historical spend reports.

Manage Inventory

View in real-time, the status of your unused furniture inventory.  Check inventory availability, search warehouses, and make requests for in-stock products that meet immediate needs. Save money by avoiding the cost of new furniture and maximizing the use existing assets.

Steelcase Event Experiences

Using research and insights from workplaces and universities around the world, we transform event spaces through experience design and premium quality furniture to create powerful, purposeful events.

We partner with clients to identify their meeting objectives and create custom spaces that inspire engagement, communication and collaboration.

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