Various furniture arrangements that support multiple activities and users are implemented into this waiting space. Table-based applications provide a surface for children to actively play and color while they wait. Using storage to divide space creates a natural barrier and establishes a confined area to encourage movement and free play.

Products in this application:

Coalesse Ripple Bench Steelcase Campfire Paper Table Steelcase Campfire Big Table Steelcase Turnstone Bivi Bookcase Steelcase Groupwork Steelcase Brody Footrest Steelcase Turnstone Alight Smith System Elemental Yin Yang Table Smith System Groove Chair Steelcase Health Regard Steelcase Health Embold Steelcase Health Surround

Foot Print:

1,700 sq ft

Products Embold Collection, Surround Lounge, Footrest, Ripple Bench, Groupwork, Regard, Turnstone Campfire Big Table, Turnstone Campfire Paper Table, Bivi
Setting Type: