Rendering of an exam room with two blue sofa chairs, small wooden table, white sink with wooden drawers.
Renderinf of a private space with three green Leela chairs, golden FLOS chandelier hanging from the ceiling, a screen on the wall.
Rendering of a hospital area with yellow Node chair, wooden storage, Empath chair,
Rendering of three private work area with VIA walls, baby blue seats
Rendering of a enclave with VIA glass walls, Surround gray seat, ottoman foot rest
Planning Ideas Health: Virtual Care
Rendering of work areas in a squared shape, with wooden walls, Ology desks, Gesture chairs
Rendering of a work area with wood benches, blue Gesture chairs, Volley monitors, blue Flex Screens
Rendering of a work area with wooden desks, gray Flex screens, Amia office chairs
Embold, Free Stand, West Elm Lily Pad, Flos IC Light, MGBW Shimmer, Massaud, Flex Planning Ideas
Rendering of private space with wooden desk, office chair, green screen and lamp
Media:scape, Massaud, Flow, Campfire Slim, Enea, Flos Skygraden Planning Ideas