This space-conscious setting contains the most essential elements of a Tech Hub for those with compact square footage. Customers can check in at the standing-height table to enter the queue at the threshold of the space, and then find a comfortable seat at the lounge while awaiting service. The lounge setting is equipped with acess to power and personal tables to encourage work or social interactions while waiting. Monitors throughout the space allow guests to keep an eye on their spot in line, or to view Tech Hub news – information like current outages or upcoming tech updates. When a technician is available, guests will be called to join them at the Short-Term Help Desk to work through issues in a comfortable, casual atmosphere. Information sharing is possible on the large, easily-visible monitor on the wall. Those who are simply visiting for resources like batteries or a new computer mouse can self-serve at the Store + Vending storage area on the back wall. This space is also ideal for sharing new devices and let guests test + tinker while they wait.​

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