Multi-Purpose Area

In this multi-purpose Behavioral Health setting, multiple seating options support a variety of patient interactions. Creating smaller scaled spaces helps to create implied privacy while still maintaining clear sightlines within a larger setting.

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Products in this application:

Moduform ModuMaxx Activity Chair, Moduform ModuMaxx X-Base Table, Moduform Chelsea Collection, Moduform Dalton Modular Lounge, Steelcase Health Exchange, Steelcase Ology Desk, Steelcase Universal Storage, Steelcase Amia + Amia Air, Steelcase Montage Panel Systems, Coalesse Circa Lounge System

Foot Print:

1,080 sq ft

Products Ology Desk, Circa Lounge System, Exchange, Montage Panel Systems, Universal Storage, Amia + Amia Air
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