Guide to Personalized Learning Experiences

How Teachers and Students Can Leverage Technology to Enable Personalized Learning


Technology can facilitate personalized learning experiences by helping offload some of the routine tasks that teachers do and expand the possibilities for students.

Expedite or automate routine tasks like taking attendance or grading.

Content Transfer
As an alternative to lecturing, students can watch videos, use courseware, or find other sources from which to receive the information.

In larger classrooms, teachers can use microphones to amplify their voices while maintaining a calm atmosphere and without straining their voices.

Delivery of Core Skills
Many core skills can be delivered through adaptive courseware, allowing teachers to focus on power/soft skills and deeper learning with students.

Learning from Student Data
Review courseware data to understand where students are struggling and adjust accordingly.

Parent Communication
Empower parents to check attendance, student progress and more with student information or learning management systems.

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