Creating the Link Between Learning and Innovation

The Visitor Experience

“The LINC is not a showroom. It’s a place where learning and innovation happen, and we want to inspire our customers to use their workplace in ways that drive their purpose and aligns their strategy, brand and culture.”

Gale MoutreyVice President of Communications

Visitors who come to the Learning and Innovation Center (LINC) in Munich are invited to actively participate in experiences designed for active learning, discovery and innovation. Any amount of time spent here, whether in person or virtually, is an opportunity to experience firsthand how space can address business issues and positively impact strategy, brand and culture.

Visitors to the LINC are able to experience firsthand how space can fuel learning and innovation. Immersive settings for facilitated explorations allow for self discovery.

The planning team engaged in a user-centered design thinking process, working with IDEO, the global design and innovation company, to develop experiences that would inspire visitors and help them better understand what their own employees might need to work more creatively. The team did extensive prototyping with its distribution partners and customers, allowing them to test and actively co-create innovative customer experiences.

The WorkCafé is a place for visitors to connect and refuel.

Visitor Experience Guiding Principles

Based on their explorations, the visitor experience team synthesized these principles to help inform the design of the new LINC:

Provide an authentic customer experience where visitors can see how we work and how the LINC enables learning and fuels creativity.

Engage customers through insightful facilitation and co-creation versus touring, providing opportunities for self discovery.

Provide thought leadership on work, workers and the workplace through relevant and inspirational storytelling, based on our research, insights and experimentation.

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