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Grid Collection 

by Established & Sons

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    A colorful room-within-a-room, the raw shell of the Grid frame provides a base for modular meeting room seating, shelves, tables and screens, which can be integrated in different ways to create a playful and multi-functional environment for informal meetings, presentations or simply hanging out. ​

    Established & Sons - Grid Collection: Room-within-a-Room


    Part sofa, part lounge, part presentation space, the multi-functional Grid product family is a thoughtful response to changes in how we live and work.

    Configurable ​

    Variations include an L-shape module enclosed by back and side panels, a U-shaped module, which creates a more enveloping effect for informal meetings, a straight module with a seat that functions as a sofa and space partition, and a room divider that can function as a screen or as an integrated AV station.​

    Privacy + Space Division ​ ​

    Tall side panels create private spaces while low side panels offer less visual division, both options are available in either a larch-wood veneer, covered with an acoustic upholstery or as a metal grid that encourages communication between the inside and outside of the module.

    Additional Components​

    A standing or sitting desk for informal work is created with the addition of an external shelf. The sides can be fully upholstered as a sofa, or one side can function as a built-in side table. Neat power & data spot units provide connectivity and charging stations to the units.

    Desk + Tables + Storage

    Recent extensions to the Grid Collection include a Coffee Table, Meeting Table, Desk and Café Tables to further support function and flexibility within and around your Grid application. Additionally, there are multiple sizes of Grid Shelf units that can help separate space and act as an additional design element. ​


    Grid Collection

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    Grid Room Divider

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    Grid Corner Unit

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    Grid U-Shape

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    Grid Coffee Table

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    Grid Cafe Tables

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    Grid Shelves

    Design Inspiration

    From designing spaces to furniture, taking on architectural projects to designing textile wall systems or comprehensive collections, brothers Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec maintain drawing and experimental activity as essential to development of their work. ​

    “We are very interested in elements that lie somewhere between furniture and architecture. They have a role inside the space beyond being just a seating element; they create some kind of separation; they help to divide and organize. If you have one tree in the middle of an empty field, people will head for the tree, it helps your body feel a little more at ease and more secure. The Grid is part of this research – it helps you make a decision, even if you don’t need to use it.”