Steelcase Showcases the Next Generation of Integrated Technology

RoomWizard® and media:scape® make workspaces smarter – through better connections.

CHICAGO – June 14, 2010 – Steelcase Inc. (NYSE:SCS), a global office environments manufacturer, today revealed new, high performance capabilities for its media:scape® and RoomWizard® products at NeoCon 2010, the World’s Trade Fair for Interior Design and Facilities Management. In a world where people can work anywhere, these integrated solutions create value in the workplace by helping to make the most of the time employees spend in the office.

“With the proliferation of laptops, netbooks and smart phones, today’s workforce is now working from virtually anywhere,” said Lew Epstein, director of advanced development, Integrated Technologies, Steelcase. “So the question becomes, ‘how can we improve the work experience and productivity when employees come into the office, to work together?’ Solutions like media:scape and RoomWizard can help.”

media:scape is a complete application that merges furniture and technology, allowing users to collaborate and share information seamlessly by connecting their laptops – and now mobile devices like the Apple® iPod® and iPad™ products. The media:scape settings on display at NeoCon also feature the newly redesigned RoomWizard scheduling and time management device, which allows users to reserve time on media:scape, displaying how the two products work together to facilitate collaboration in the workplace.

Introduced at NeoCon 2008, media:scape has reshaped the way people collaborate in the office by making it easier to share information. Building on the capabilities of media:scape and high-definition videoconferencing (HDVC), Steelcase is showcasing two HDVC-ready media:scape settings unlike any other the company has shown before.

The first setting, “media:scape TeamTheater™,” creates an immersive videoconferencing environment with large screens, surrounded by lounge seating with ledges. This setting creates a solution that helps people collaborate informally with colleagues across campus or clients across the globe. The second media:scape setting with HDVC is a smaller, more rapidly deployable solution that features a freestanding, stool-height worksetting with integrated videoconferencing. This option is ideal for an organization looking to quickly add videoconferencing to their environment with little to no architectural changes. Combined, these settings show two different approaches to creating collaborative environments that thoughtfully integrate media:scape with today’s HDVC technologies.

In addition, another media:scape TeamTheater™ setting, surrounded by “canopies”, appears at the center of the showroom with a wide array of connected mobile devices including the iPad™ and iPod touch®, by Apple. Connectivity to more individually-owned devices is a new feature for media:scape and harnesses the power and effectiveness of making immediate connections in the workplace to share information with others.

media:scape is HDVC-ready and can be integrated with existing systems immediately, and iPod® and iPad™ connectivity will become standard options later this year.

The RoomWizard is a next-generation scheduling device that connects people with the spaces they need to be more productive. The new RoomWizard has undergone expansive upgrades beginning with an intuitive touch-screen display that greets users and instantly lets them know the availability of a space. Furthermore, RoomWizard installs simply, is easy to use and can be accessed remotely via laptop or mobile phone, allowing users to see what rooms are available and who is in the room. As a result, scheduling conflicts are eliminated and impromptu meetings are more easily supported.

The new RoomWizard is packed full of aesthetic and functional upgrades. For starters, the device has a new visual design, customizable graphics, and works off of a touch display, allowing superior usability. On the functional side, RoomWizard includes a new operating system that delivers power over Ethernet, simplifying installation costs and reducing energy consumption. Optional features include password security, ZigBee® wireless connectivity, and integration with third-party software for such features as occupancy sensing, and guest services to support a variety of applications across vertical markets.

RoomWizard orders begin in November 2010.

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Sara Whitman