Steelcase Health Tapped By CBS TV’s ‘Same Name’

Grand Rapids, August 8, 2011 – Steelcase Health took on a daunting challenge from not one, but two, Mike Tysons recently and emerged victorious – along with patients at a Grand Rapids community clinic…

On Sunday, July 24, CBS premiered a new show called Same Name. Running for six consecutive Sunday evenings, the show features celebrities who switch places with regular people who share their name. They learn what it’s like to live the life of someone else and see the world through their eyes.

Last night’s (Aug. 7) episode featured Mike Tyson, the retired boxer and current movie and reality TV star, switching places with a Mike Tyson from Grand Rapids. The local Mike Tyson is a nurse and is connected with the Metro Health Breton Health Center, a facility which provides services for lower income families.

In an effort to give back to the community, Tyson and CBS remodeled the waiting room in the Metro Health outpatient location.

CBS approached Steelcase Health with a request to be involved in the project, and the healthcare division of Steelcase responded by donating all of the furniture including seating for more than twenty patients, tables and a Sync workstation to provide families with computer access.

Steelcase Health’s Manager of Marketing Communication, Jason Vanderground, said the quick turnaround on this project was a challenge but the fact that the producers specifically chose Steelcase Health for the opportunity was gratifying. “The producers told us that after touring a number of other Metro environments that featured Steelcase Health furnishings, that they had a specific vision for what the new clinic would look like – and that vision was a Steelcase Health environment.”

Local Steelcase Health dealer Custer OfficeWorks delivered and installed the furniture. “We jumped at the opportunity to partner with Steelcase Health to provide the new waiting room for Metro Health,” said Todd Custer, director of healthcare accounts for Custer OfficeWorks. “Custer has had a long relationship with Metro and we look forward to partnering with them in the future.”

Margo Schlewitz, practice manager, at Metro Health said “Patients love the new waiting room. I think the waiting room is a reflection of the care the patient can expect from the physician – however, since our clinic is the residency training program and serves a mostly poor patient population, we just didn’t have funds for replacing furniture.

“The new furniture and renovated space is comfortable, beautiful and relaxing. Patients are definitely happier waiting for their appointment and I’m sure that translates to their time with the doctor.”

Eugene Young, the executive producer of Same Name, also had nothing but compliments after working with Steelcase Health to remake the Metro Health space. “Steelcase Health responded quickly to our requests and handled our creative changes with ease. I was extremely impressed with the quality and style of Steelcase Health’s products. It was a pleasure to work together with Steelcase Health to give back to the Grand Rapids community and outfit Metro Health Breton with a beautiful new waiting room.”

“Same Name” airs on CBS Sunday evenings at 9 p.m. Eastern.

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