Steelcase Health Research Shows Infusion Spaces Not Meeting Needs Of Patients, Caregivers And Clinicians

Study shows traditional infusion therapy treatment spaces are uncomfortable, inaccessible and isolated for people involved in process; company creates future-focused infusion therapy spaces

Grand Rapids, MI – (June 15, 2015) – Research released by Steelcase Health, a leading provider of design solutions for hospitals and health systems, found that infusion treatment spaces are stark, cold and often isolate the patient from the clinician and their family members. Based on this research the company will showcase the infusion application future-focused concept space this week at NeoCon 2015 in Chicago.

“Infusion therapy spaces have lagged in keeping pace with the global demand,” said Michelle Ossmann, director of Healthcare Environments for Steelcase Health. “Rising demands require spaces that promote safety, physical and emotional wellbeing needs of patients and caregivers, plus ease of access for clinicians.”

To address these tensions in healthcare, Steelcase Health has introduced concept spaces to address how infusion therapy treatments are delivered in both hospital and out-patient settings through innovative design applications that enhance collaboration, communication, and support for infusion therapy experience.

“Safety has always been a paramount concern in infusion spaces, but too little attention has been paid to the importance of privacy and emotional well-being,” says Michelle Ossmann, Director of Healthcare Environments for Steelcase Health. “A new approach to space and design can help address these critical issues and improve patient satisfaction. Through our research, we’ve built a series of design applications that support both clinician productivity and patient privacy, promising increased choice and control during such a vulnerable time.”

The three new infusion therapy spaces have been designed by Steelcase Health to enhance experiences include:

Semi-open treatment areas

This setting enables patients to have family members present as well as socialize with other patients. Patients can switch from upright to reclined positions. Personal space is defined. And clinicians have immediate access to patients, technology and supplies

Communal space

Café-like hub, this space supports many activities – going online, getting work done, watching TV, reading, playing games, snacking or conversing. Families and patients may choose to be in or near this open space for its energizing quality, and it’s also an ideal environment for group or individual learning.

Private family treatment rooms

When patients and family members need time together apart from the eyes of others, these rooms offer plenty of space for interaction, lounging, playing games or sharing a snack. This space allows patients to feel a higher sense of control over their environment, and ultimately their treatment.

Steelcase Health’s spaces also feature three product extensions, including:

  • The Regard Planter, which provides a seamless vessel for integrating greenery and plant life in oftentimes harsh hospital spaces;
  • the V.I.A. Folio Bracket that supports a more moveable wall space;
  • and the Empath™ with Tablet Arm, which attaches to the Empath Recliner, allowing for easy use of tablets by patients and family members.

Each of these pieces supports the overall Steelcase Health line and infusion therapy spaces by creating a more welcoming, warm and comfortable area for patients, family members, and clinicians.

Read more about Steelcase Health’s approach to infusion therapy spaces in the article from the company’s 360 Magazine here:

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