Steelcase Health Introduces Pocket Tablet Mobile Workstation at NeoCon

Chicago, June 13, 2011 – Today’s healthcare work happens anywhere and everywhere. Caregivers are mobile workers and the technology that supports them also needs to be in motion.

The Pocket “Tablet” is Steelcase Health’s new mobile workstation, specifically designed to support the active work of healthcare professionals by accommodating both the demands of the task at hand as well as emerging portable tablet technology like the iPad, Xoom and Playbook.

Increasing demand for information access at the point of care, as well as mandated moves toward Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) are leading to explosive use of mobile devices by clinicians. Portable tablet technology is beginning to emerge as the computing platform of choice for many physicians and other caregivers.

A Natural Evolution

One of the key design principles behind Steelcase Health’s Pocket family of mobile workstations is to “accommodate changing technology,” so it was a natural evolution for Steelcase Health’s Pocket to take the lead in supporting tablets in healthcare settings.

Pocket “Tablet” is designed with several interfaces to help hold and accommodate this new technology. A generous flat surface can hold any form of tablet or laptop, tablets can also easily rest within the designed cubby or an adjustable mounting arm can be selected to float devices above the work surface for hands free use while keeping information at appropriate heights and angles.

The Pocket family of mobile workstations encompasses three key design principles: Less is more; Accommodate changing technology; People do things differently… let them.

Pocket has a small footprint, is virtually noiseless and highly flexible – allowing tablets to sit on the surface, rest within its designed cubby or snap into a height-adjustable holder. Pocket easily adapts to multiple work processes, with moveable magnetic accessories and non-prescribed surfaces.

With the support of intuitive and flexible products like the Pocket “Tablet,” the introduction of new tools such as EMRs and other forms of software will help bring patients, doctors and information together to make more fully informed, healthier decisions.

About Steelcase Health

Steelcase Health is a company dedicated to providing user-centered solutions in healthcare. Steelcase Health views the healthcare environment as an integral part of the healing process and provides holistic solutions that focus not only on product, but space as a whole, delivering research-driven, evidence-based solutions to complex problems in healthcare environments. For more information on Steelcase Health please visit Health.