New Solutions Create Better Connections in a Networked World

New series of furniture solutions from Steelcase address the need for increased collaboration at work

June 9, 2008 – Chicago, IL – Steelcase Inc. (NYSE: SCS), a global office environments manufacturer, today announced the preview of c:scape™, its newest series of furniture solutions at NeoCon 2008, the World’s Trade Fair for Interior Design and Facilities Management.

Today’s knowledge workers are tackling more complex tasks, across the office and around the world, so collaboration has never been more critical. c:scape™and media:scape™area new series of furniture and media solutions designed to help people connect and collaborate, quickly and seamlessly. It connects people to other people, to information, to their tools and to the culture of their organization.

Every component of c:scape was designed to help individuals and small groups perform and connect better. Steelcase took a holistic approach to function, considering three key elements: social (what matters to people), information (how people access and share information) and spatial (how space can help). Open sight lines, integrated technology, multi-purpose components, adjustability and rich materiality help to deliver high functionality and performance.

“We live in a networked world, where technology networks and social networks are intertwined – in our work and in our lives. Technology has given us freedom and independence, yet we still need others to get work done,” said Jim Keane, president, Steelcase Group. “It takes more than one person to tackle today’s complex business problems. That’s why we developed c:scape, to help people connect and collaborate, and ultimately innovate.”

Specific components of the c:scape solution include the beam – which routes power and supports the furniture components, the desk – which slides forward to reveal a built-in connection zone that provides users with full and easy access to the technology, storage, and privacy, including personal, shared, modesty and expandable screens.

media:scape™is a shared space that merges furniture and media specifically to help teams access and share information.

While most collaborative spaces today support leader-led presentations where information is controlled and shared by one person at a time, media:scape™allows for egalitarian meetings with quick and seamless information sharing between participants.

Ideal for high performance teams who are technologically reliant, media:scape users connect laptops to a retractable, puck-shaped button. This “puck” allows users to instantaneously show and share information from their laptop computers while creating a more inclusive work environment for teams. By arranging people and information in close proximity, interactions flow more effectively, increasing comfort, focus, and productivity.

“The flow of meetings today, with participants turning their backs to each other to view presented information, tends to interrupt face-to-face interaction,” said Lew Epstein, director, advanced marketing, Steelcase Inc. “People need to collaborate more effectively and they want the experience to be simple, fast, and seamless to help increase the flow of their ideas. media:scape supports these needs and provides solutions to the issues that many of today’s collaborative solutions are not able to address.”

In keeping with Steelcase’s commitment to sustainability, c:scape and media:scape are composed of materials approved by McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry (MBDC) as safe for human and environmental health. Steelcase has submitted both products for Cradle-to-Cradle® certification.

c:scape and media:scape will ship in North America in 2009.

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