New media:scape Capabilities Help Workers Connect

media:scape™ settings can now host high-definition (HD) videoconferencing to help teams boost collaboration – locally and globally.

June 15, 2009 – Chicago, IL – Steelcase Inc. (NYSE:SCS), a global office environments manufacturer, today announced new performance capabilities for its innovative media:scape™ product line – at NeoCon 2009, the World’s Trade Fair for Interior Design and Facilities Management. media:scape settings can now host high definition videoconferencing systems, enabling distributed teams to view content and each other simultaneously. media:scape coupled with HD videoconferencing helps teams boost collaboration – locally and globally – by helping teams connect and share information quickly and easily.

As many businesses work to reduce costs, travel is often being replaced with high tech tools like HD videoconferencing. Most HD videoconferencing systems tend to be hosted in dedicated rooms that are very costly, serve only one purpose and are more focused on the technology than on the people and the meeting experience. Steelcase sought to create a solution that could deliver an HD videoconference experience while simultaneously delivering an improved collaboration experience and a space that supports user needs beyond HD videoconferencing alone. To do this, Steelcase turned to its media:scape solution that merges furniture with technology to help teams connect and share information quickly and easily. media:scape can now host the HD videoconferencing system of a client’s choice within their media:scape setting.

HD video content switches automatically to a media:scape display screen through the use of proprietary firmware designed to auto-sense when a high-definition videoconference system is connected. That simple experience builds on the “open. connect. share.” mantra of the media:scape product line. Because the solution is furniture-based, it can be an effective solution in both the private office and the open plan environment. Open plan solutions leverage a new media:scape “canopy” which can help to improve sound quality by absorbing sound on the inside of the canopy and reflecting it on the outside.

The result is a versatile, cost-effective furniture solution that can support collaboration and allow workers to connect “face-to-face” both locally and globally via a network connection. Best of all the space can support teams and meetings when not being used for videoconferencing. It is an example of how a space can work harder by working smarter.

Shedding New Light on Collaboration
media:scape was designed to help teams in collaborative settings. c:scape™, the companion solution to media:scape, was designed to enhance collaboration within the individual space. Steelcase is introducing new lighting solutions for c:scape that place light exactly where it’s needed, while simultaneously reducing unnecessary emissions, allowing organizations to enhance their sustainability efforts.

The first enhancement is an LED lighting fixture designed for the desk. It delivers an even amount of light across the surface and integrates seamlessly with other privacy elements and c:scape tools. Other improvements include fluorescent fixtures that mount to the c:scape beam or storage, providing a soft, distributed glow that umbrellas several people at one time.

Steelcase recognizes the important role that lighting can play in workplace wellness by providing cognitive, social and physical benefits.

All of these new lighting solutions have been designed for versatility – fixtures can be moved, added or removed to adjust for changing lighting needs due to facility moves or changing tasks throughout the day.

Designed to supplement today’s lower overall architectural lighting levels, the collection helps companies meet the reduced energy goals of LEED projects.

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