Our Sustainability Promise

True progress takes continuous and coordinated efforts to create the economic, environmental and social conditions that allow people and communities to thrive. We have strong beliefs that guide us, and we’re putting our beliefs into action.

Our Corporate Values

As we work to create meaningful, lasting change, we’re putting our values to work. Every day around the globe— from Michigan to Malaysia, Dongguan to Cluj, Munich to Pune—our values frame our beliefs and inform our actions:

  • Act with integrity
  • Tell the truth
  • Keep commitments
  • Treat people with dignity and respect
  • Promote positive relationships
  • Protect the environment
  • Excel

Beliefs + Action

Our Sustainability Beliefs

We believe that:

  • Businesses, communities and people are inextricably linked and more powerful when they act from a core of shared interests.
  • We have an opportunity to use our assets and influence to create significant, positive change in the world. By fully leveraging our assets to this end, we will become an ever stronger partner and an increasingly fit company.
  • When you tell the truth, you become part of the solution. We work hard to be transparent and authentic with others and, perhaps more importantly, with ourselves.
  • Sustainability is a lens for innovation and economic fitness, contributing to the overall financial wellbeing of our company.
  • People are at the center of sustainability; we begin and end our product, service and application efforts with a commitment to human-centered design and sustainability.
  • There is no greater design challenge than sustainability. It demands systems-level design thinking in all aspects of our business.


We’ve set our sights high as we think about what it means to create holistic value as a globally integrated company operating in a globally connected world. We’ve been on a quest to understand the potential of sustainability through the eyes of our stakeholders, now and in the future.

We have:

  • Embarked on a company-wide corporate, social and environmental responsibility diagnostic
  • Surveyed our customers and studied their inquiries to understand their corporate priorities relating to sustainability
  • Identified sustainability aspects material to our business to help us advance our social and environmental performance to align with the expectations of our many stakeholders, shareholders and partners
  • Partnered with leading organizations to understand and explore emerging issues and opportunities— as broad as circular economy and as critical as advanced materials
  • Empowered employees through education and partnerships to understand their role in advancing the mission and goals of our company—as well as those of our partners, customers and communities


We’re tackling the global challenges of sustainability to achieve our vision of strong economic, social and environmental systems … through the products we create, the way we operate, and the investments we make.

  • Strengthening sustainable development in our global operations and those of our supplier partners, including a focus on environmental and human health, social responsibility and economic prosperity
  • Working to ensure that our operations protect the environment and health of our employees, neighbors and customers through actions that conserve resources, reduce waste and promote a closed loop system
  • Investing in education and training to increase stakeholder and employee engagement
  • Engaging with suppliers, dealers, customers, researchers and environmental agencies to share and distribute best practices and discover new ideas