Making Hybrid Work

More video calls.
More hybrid collaboration.
New spaces for new ways of working.

Better Is Possible

New Settings

Hybrid Homebase

Reserve a space in this vibrant hybrid team neighborhood that has all the tools you need for solo or group work.
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Backyard Hub

Relax, grab a coffee, connect with colleagues or focus and get work done – indoors and outdoors.
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Personal Oasis

Find focus or a moment of solitude in this warm and inviting update to the private office.
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Garden Retreat

Create a sense of belonging in this relaxed open collaboration space where people can reconnect in-person and virtually.
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Team Huddle

Connect with the right people no matter where they are in this highly-flexible hybrid collaboration space.
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Work-Life Nook

Go beyond conventional at home — a beautiful, comfortable and hardworking space that blends work and life just like you do.
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Team Basecamp

Bring your in office and remote teammates together in this flexible project room built for active collaboration and co-creation.
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New Products

Steelcase Flex Personal Spaces


Reduce distractions, provide comfort and give people more control and flexibility. Steelcase Flex Personal Spaces delivers privacy in a new way.

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Steelcase DeskWizard

Book ahead.
Or book on demand.

DeskWizard is designed for the hybrid worker. The booking process is simple, hands-free and managed from the well-known comfort of your mobile device.

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Steelcase Karman

Established & Sons

Introducing Established & Sons

Bring performance and personality to your shared spaces with the Grid Collection by British design brand Established & Sons, the newest addition to the Steelcase portfolio.

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