Steelcase Signature Spaces are curated settings that create beautiful, high-performance spaces for different types work while promoting holistic wellbeing.

Lounge Space

This application is suitable for daily stand-up or unplanned meetings or for just simply chatting with colleagues.

Design Considerations

  • Social Distancing
  • Informal Space
  • Different Postures
  • Electrification

Download the Lounge Space REVIT file

Open Collaboration

This application in the open space is suitable for sprint reviews, ad hoc meetings, brainstorming sessions, stand-up or hybrid meetings.

Design Considerations

  • Privacy in the open plan
  • Collaborate and share
  • Analog & digital tools
  • Team storage
  • Visual and acoustical privacy

Download the Open Collaboration REVIT file

Project Room

This application provides space for creative work, hybrid meetings, brainstorming or prototyping.

Design Considerations

  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Diverse postures
  • Choice and control
  • Analog & digital Tools
  • Electrification

Download the Project Room REVIT file

Personal Spaces

These focus rooms support administrative and confidential tasks as well as offering a quite space for reflection and content creation.

Design Considerations

  • Inspiring environment
  • Comfortable posture
  • Analog & digital tools
  • Electrification
  • Visual and acoustical privacy

Download the Personal Spaces REVIT file

Duo Studio

This space support peer-to-peer work, 1-on-1 discussion as well as hybrid work.

Design Considerations

  • Different levels of postures
  • Analog & digital tools
  • Electrification and mobile device support
  • Visual and acoustic privacy

Download the REVIT file for Duo Studio 1
Download the REVIT file for Duo Studio 2
Download the REVIT file for Duo Studio 3