The global pandemic has fundamentally changed how we live, learn and work. People have new needs and expectations, requiring shifts in the way we think about buildings and the workplace. It’s time to move forward and use what we’ve learned to make work better.

New Design Principles

This new set of design principles enables organizations to create a better work experience, delivering on what people need now and in the future.

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Explore Four Foundational Space Typologies


Visit the LINC

Want to experience in person our Learning and Innovation Center in Munich?

During your visit you will have the opportunity to learn more about how we design for hybrid and beyond, and how space can facilitate effective vibrant communities that earn the commute into the office.

Join us for an immersive experience into our living laboratory, where people, place and technology combine to create a vantage point into the future of work. Our expert teams will be on hand to guide you through the hybrid spaces, and to support you in defining what the future looks like for you and your teams.

People seated around a conference table in an open space at the Munich LINC

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Planning Ideas

Browse planning ideas for additional inspiration and thought starters.

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