Our employees represent our values, and we implement policies that live up to our ethics and goals.

Our employees represent our values, and we implement policies that live up to our ethics and goals.

We provide clarity around our core values and expectations through programs and standards that help guide every employee’s conduct.

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Our Approach

Our culture is rooted in building trust by holding ourselves to the highest standard of ethical conduct. We empower our employees to represent the company and make responsible decisions at every level. This includes investing in our leaders because strong leaders create strong, productive teams rooted in a culture that represents our values.

Our teams are trusted to act with integrity across our business. This includes mitigating risk to our customers by evaluating the impact of climate change on natural disasters which can lead to property and business disruption, ensuring we work with suppliers who share our values, and protecting our customers and partners from cybersecurity threats.

Our Commitment to Ethical Standards

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Living Core Values

We adhere to best practices in living and sharing our core values as a company. Learn more:

Executive Team

Board of Directors

Corporate Governance

Investor Relations

ESG Data Center

Activity that is unethical, illegal or not in keeping with our Global Business Standards should be reported. You can report your concern and remain anonymous by filing a report online at integrity.steelcase.com or by calling 0.808.189.1053.

Rating Agencies

Steelcase is highly rated for its corporate ESG performance from global corporate rating agencies and for carbon mitigation and supplier engagement from CDP.

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How Words Matter

When commonly-used IT industry language stood out to Zoë Wilson as non-inclusive, she knew she needed to act.

Read how her call-out led to major changes.

Impact Report 2023

Impact Report 2023

Our progress designing better futures for the wellbeing of people and the planet.