Materials create Harmony within a space. Available across multiple brands, these materials make cohesive design easier than ever. The palette below utilizes airy neutrals and soft blue hues to provide an inspiring aesthetic.  What will harmony help you accomplish?
Soft and ethereal materials comprise this serene collection of cleanable materials. A range of hues provide simplicity along with texture and depth. Delicate pinks paired with light neutrals echo across this palette that is grounded in cleanability. These materials are the bridge between performance and serene beauty.
Combining Grid, a self-supporting mesh, with Please Air offers a modern aesthetic fit for the office or home. Grid fits seamlessly, providing even tension and exceptional comfort – staying true to the line’s ergonomic ethos. New color combinations and material give the Please Air a fresh, light feel and allow users to personalize the chair to fit any space.
Steelcase Work Tents is a collection of versatile privacy solutions - inspired by tents, designed for the workplace. Pairing Ascent and Sheer textile collections with Era provides opportunity for neutral and playful colors to come together, adding privacy and aesthetic design to the modern workplace.
Our new melamine portfolio features new designs that provide range with timeless aesthetic.
Designed to encourage creativity and self expression, materiality and color allow spaces to be unique and create a story for any user. To enhance design and functionality, these colors are available across multiple material types.