Our company’s roots are in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Today, our office campus includes a Learning + Innovation Center and Business Center. Spaces where employees, dealers and customers from around the world gather to create the future of work. And our manufacturing heritage lives on at the Kentwood Complex, just a few miles away.

901 44th Street SE
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49508-7594
United States

Phone: 616.247.2710


They are designed as destinations and illustrate our belief that the workplace needs to provide users choice and control over where and how they work.

The best workplaces help people engage deeply by giving them what they want most, incorporating a palette of place that supports a range of postures, presence and privacy. WorkLife Centers include settings for individuals and groups; some are owned, others are shared, and they can exist in open or closed environments.

This ecosystem of interconnected and interdependent spaces is designed to support the physical, cognitive and emotional wellbeing of workers. Ultimately, they are designed to illustrate how space can amplify the performance of individuals, teams and enterprises.

We refer to that as the power of place.

We look forward to hosting you.