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Coalesse creates destinations that bring new life to work.


There’s no place like work.

It’s a livelihood and locale, with the power to bring us together like no place else.

Just as there’s no place like work, there’s no one way to work either. Today, the best workplaces reflect our personal sensibilities and respond to our common needs. They invite our participation and stir our emotional engagement.

And when these distinct characteristics come together, then we can, too. That’s how work becomes the real hub of modern culture.

Coalesse was born from a passionate belief that great spaces inspire great work. We envision workplaces around the world that build better social connections and empower creative collaboration, while caring for your focus and rejuvenation throughout each day. We instill spaces with a natural warmth and soul— destinations, both indoors and out, that enliven your wellbeing and always welcome your return.

That’s why we are devoted to creating furnishings that blend beauty and utility, comfort and vitality, and insights with inspiration. And why we deliver them with an unparalleled responsiveness to help you perfect each project now, while we anticipate what you’ll need next.

Led by intuition, backed by research, and driven by design—we help you make great spaces by bringing new life to work.

Lagunitas Lounge Seating Open image tooltip


Lagunitas creates a “third place” anywhere while offering multi-modal support and varying degrees of privacy.

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SW_1 Lounge Seating Open image tooltip


The SW_1 Lounge is a conference/lounge hybrid that creates a more intimate and comfortable environment.

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Work environment with Potrero415 Light Table Open image tooltip

Potrero415 Light Table

Potrero415 Light tables mix performance and design — tailored to the more intimate scale of spontaneous and informal gathering spots in the new workplace.

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Coalesse LessThanFive Chair Open image tooltip

LessThanFive Chair

The LessThanFive Chair designed by the Coalesse Design Group and Michael Young is tailored for an experience that is anything but ordinary.

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The Massaud Collection Lounge and Ottoman Open image tooltip

Massaud Lounge

Designed for comfort and connecting with technology, the Massaud Lounge is a workplace destination.

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Enea Altzo493 by Coalesse Open image tooltip

Altzo943 seating

Altzo943 seating collection brings residential warmth and soul to the workplace.

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