The pandemic has forever changed how we work.
We help clients create intentional work experiences wherever work happens.

How We Can Help

The global pandemic has created a significant opportunity to reimagine the employee work experience. Steelcase Applied Research + Consulting (ARC) can help you navigate transformation and the intricate process of change.

Questions and opinions about if, how and when we return to the office are everywhere: How do you assess the right approach for your organization? What considerations can inform the return or continued work from home? What change readiness efforts are needed?

Clients are engaging with us for thought leader experiences and big picture planning, as well as unique consulting needs. We help organizations envision the future.

Work Experience Strategy

  • How to foster community and keep people engaged?
  • How will the work experience strategy leverage space?

Change Management

  • How have employee expectations changed?
  • How to establish shared behaviors?

Hybrid Strategy

  • Who can be more mobile and who needs more defined space?
  • How will employees balance where they work in the future?


  • How to test ideas before making major changes?


  • How will organizations measure effectiveness?
  • How to learn and iterate?

Our Process

Our Experience


How We Think

Steelcase Applied Research + Consulting (ARC) is a consulting practice that helps clients define and leverage their work experience strategy in meaningful and impactful ways. We help uncover the possibilities to inspire the achievement of organizational ambitions. We look at the work experience holistically through the lenses of culture, process, tools and space.

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