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The NEXT Office

There is no denying that how, when and where we work is changing. We challenge future designers to join us in this student design competition to create the NEXT office of the future.

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About NEXT

Talent Management is the strategic organizational process that supports you in hiring, developing and assessing your business's most important asset, your people.

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What’s NEXT in office design?  Are your design students ready?


To create the best possible hybrid work experience, organizations will want to offer a range of spaces and technology solutions to easily support diverse types of collaboration. The future of the workplace is hybrid and so is the future of collaboration. Even companies who will primarily be in the office will encounter hybrid work and that means people will be collaborating with a blend of remote and co-located teammates more than ever before.

Challenge your undergraduate students to imagine the workplace of the future. The 9th Annual Steelcase NEXT Student Design Competition will be a workplace environment of approximately 15.000 SF intended to support the changing work behaviors and expectations of the workplace. Have your students prepared to respond to the ever-changing demands of workplace design and incorporate this competition into your 2021 fall curriculum. Participants will have the chance to win a trip to Steelcase, present to professional judges, and ultimately compete for both cash and product prizes.

To participate, email us at

For more information on the competition, please review information from last year’s competition at

The future is theirs to create!

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Shown are (NEW) resources for the 2021 competition.

(NEW) 2021 NEXT Contest Overview + Program

(NEW) 2021 Floor Plans
4CC_7th Floor PDF
4CC_8th Floor PDF

(NEW) 2021 AutoCAD Files
*Some versions of Internet Explorer are not compatible for download. Please use Google Chrome to download these drawings.
4CC_7th Floor ACAD file
4CC_8th Floor ACAD file

(NEW) 2021 REVIT File

More Information

Key Dates

Key Dates

Key Dates

Key Dates

  • (Mid-August) – 2021 NEXT resources (plan, etc.) loaded on our competition website
  • September 7 – Competition and open registration begins (all students must individually register for the competition)
  • September 13 – Question + Answer period begins
  • October 1 – Registration and Q+A periods both close
  • December 8 – All submissions are due by 5pm PST
  • December 15 – All submissions distributed to judges for review
  • January 11-12 (2022) – Judges meet to select semifinalists and honorable mentions
  • January 14 – Announcement of semifinalists and honorable mentions
  • February 21-23 – Semifinalist presentations to judges at Steelcase Headquarters
  • February 25 – Announcement of winner



Grand Prize (1)

  • $2,500 for the student.
  • $2,500 contribution to school’s design program or to a charity of their choice.
  • All ­expenses paid trip to Steelcase University to present project to judges panel, meetings with Steelcase executives and other learning opportunities. Expenses include flights to Grand Rapids, MI, hotel accommodations, meals and transportation during the stay.
  • Custom ­ordered Think or SILQ chair.
  • Recognition as the grand prize winner in select Steelcase marketing.

Semi-Finalist (4)

  • $1,250 for each semifinalist not selected for Grand Prize (4)
  • $1,250 contribution to school’s design program or to a charity of their choice for each semifinalist not selected for Grand Prize (4)
  • All ­expenses paid trip to Steelcase University to present project to judges panel, meetings with Steelcase executives and other learning opportunities.
  • Custom ­ordered Think or SILQ chair.
  • Recognition as a semifinalist in select Steelcase marketing.

Honorable mention

  • Custom ­ordered Think or SILQ chair.
  • Recognition as an honorable mention in select Steelcase marketing.

2021 Winners and Judges

Honorable Mentions



Elliott Beach | Maryville University Professor: Megan Myers



Honorable Mentions

Honorable Mentions

Abby Sayers | Purdue University; Professor: Barbara Young

Bryce Delaney | George Washington University; Professor: Diana Araoz-Fraser

Jenna Dohy | California State University Long Beach; Professor: Von Dominguez

Sienna Simmons | University of Wisconsin – Madison; Professor: Jennifer Meyers

Vanessa Nguyen | University of Minnesota; Professor: Carol Erklouts



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Pictured from left to right: Eydie Voss, Erika Moody, Bill Bouchey, Steven South, Sandi Rudy, Mary Cheval, and Holly Christian

Professional Judges Panel (2021):

Bill Bouchey | HOK | Los Angeles

Erika Moody | Helix | Kansas City

Eydie Voss | Steelcase | Orange County

Holly Christian | Little | Charlotte

Mary Cheval | Ware Malcomb | Orange County

Sandi Rudy | Cushing Terrell | Austin

Steven South | Spector Group | New York City