• Ology

    Ology height-adjustable tables supports the physiology and biology of workers to make the workplace a more health-conscious environment.

  • Verb

    Verb is an integrated collection of classroom furniture including tables, whiteboards, and instructor lectern and desk stations designed to support a full range of teaching and learning styles.

  • Payback Tables

    Payback is the all-in-one casegood solution that works hard in any setting.

  • Series 3

    Ergonomists recommend adjustment throughout the day to address the stress and strain of intense computing activity. The Series 3 table can be easily raised or lowered to an optimal height, providing employees with a healthy workspace.

  • Series 5

    Today's approach to workplace health is all about movement. Height-adjustable tables, such as Series 5, deliver the motion that help to bring health to workers and the workplace.

  • Series 7

    The Series 7 height-adjustable table delivers a complete range of ergonomic postural benefits by allowing employees to sit or stand at their whim without disturbing others, maximizing comfort and productivity.

  • Alight Tables

    Alight Tables anchor reception areas and bring modern style to office lounge spaces.

  • Simple Tables

    Simple Tables reconfigure effortlessly, allowing you to rearrange your space for work or play.

  • Campfire Big Table

    Inspired by residential kitchens, turnstone Campfire Big Table draws people together and anchors your space.

  • Campfire Skate Table

    Inspired by smooth-rolling skateboard wheels, Skate Table by turnstone allows you to pull tasks and technology close while working in a lounge setting.tication for the way you work.

  • Campfire Slim Table

    The perfect complement to any lounge setting, Slim Table provides space to get organized, and a discreet power outlet makes it easy to stay fully charged all day long.

  • Jenny Tables

    Available in a modern or classic style, the Jenny Coffee and Side Table is crafted to look beautiful in any collaborative office environment or lounge space.

  • Pocket

    The Pocket mobile worksurface supports connected care, from task to task and space to space.

  • Walkstation

    Walkstation is a treadmill desk that lets you walk comfortably, burn calories, feel healthier and more energized ... all while accomplishing the work you normally do seated.

  • Campfire Paper Table

    Campfire Paper Table, by turnstone, is topped with a giant stack of paper, so you can just load up your thoughts, rip it off and start over the next day.

  • Campfire Personal Table

    Work anywhere with turnstone's mobile Campfire Personal Table. With a work surface large enough for your laptop, this modern table works as hard as you do.

  • Bix Tables

    Crafted to integrate seamlessly into collaborative offices and work environments, Bix Tables and Side Tables support the many needs of the modern workplace.

  • CH008 Sofa Table

    Simple. Elegant. Refined. The CH008 Sofa Table exemplifies the perfection that is a Hans Wegner design.

  • CH108 100 Series

    Designed to be the focal point of a room, the CH108 100 Series Glass Coffee Table is the ideal contemporary piece to anchor your space.

  • CH327 Dining Table

    The designer CH327 Dining Table is the carefully crafted embodiment of grace and timeless, enduring style.

  • Circa Tables

    Available in different styles to suit a variety of spaces, designer Circa Tables are a unique way to add definition to an environment.

  • Lagunitas Tables

    Designed with a range of human work postures in mind, Lagunitas Tables encourage a comfortable work experience in collaborative and private settings.

  • Millbrae Tables

    Millbrae Tables are the perfect combination of refinement and contemporary design.

  • Sidewalk Storage and Tables

    Sidewalk Storage and Tables are crafted with storage, style, and easy mobility in mind.

  • Switch Tables

    Switch Tables complement any space with their clean, contemporary design and high quality craftsmanship.

  • Au Lait Table

    The unique base and contemporary design of the Au Lait Table is carefully blended with versatile mobility to effortlessly adapt to a variety of spaces.

  • Avon Tables

    Avon Tables are traditional accent tables available in a range of contemporary colors and sizes.

  • Ballet Table

    The Ballet Table is crafted with graceful lines and in a range of sizes for a beautiful and functional solution to training and conference room spaces.

  • Calm Tables

    True to their name, Calm Tables are crafted to bring a sense of grace and serenity to waiting rooms, lounge spaces, and offices.

  • CG_1 Tables

    The fine, high-quality craftsmanship of the line of CG_1 Tables brings sophistication and style to the workplace.

  • Denizen Tables

    Seamlessly blending design and mobile functionality, the Denizen line of worksurfaces and tables supports collaborative and social workstyles.

  • Derby

    Derby Tables are crafted with durability and style in mind. Available in many styles and finishes, they are versatile enough to fit anywhere.

  • Diekman Tables

    Diekman Tables are crafted sculptural pieces that bring definition, grace, and refinement to office environments and waiting spaces.

  • E-Table 2

    The designer E-Table 2 effortlessly integrates the technology needs of contemporary workspaces with the demand for aesthetically appealing pieces.

  • Ginger Tables

    Drawing inspiration from traditional designs, Ginger Tables bring elegant refinement to contemporary workspaces and office environments.

  • Reunion Table

    The Reunion Table is a highly functional worksurface crafted to suit the demands of modern classrooms, conference spaces and training areas.

  • Rizzi Arc

    The Rizzi Arc Table is defined by gentle, curved lines and lightweight structure. Easily create a contemporary training room with this designer table.

  • Runner Table

    The diverse family of worksurfaces in the Runner Table line find a home in training and conference settings, classrooms, and collaborative spaces.

  • Soft Leaf Tables

    Soft Leaf Tables are contemporary pieces that function as occasional tables, coffee tables, or playful focal points.

  • Await Table

    Await Tables are freestanding, mobile tables crafted with clean, simple lines that provide a contemporary workspace for collaborative settings.

  • Bob Table

    Bob Tables are distinct side tables that seamlessly fuse contemporary style and elegance.

  • Emu Heaven Tables

    Emu Heaven Tables are crafted with durable metal mesh in an ethereal, airy design for a contemporary feel.

  • Emu Pattern Tables

    Uniquely designed to exude an airy, whimsical feel, Emu Pattern Tables seamlessly adapt to indoor and outdoor applications.

  • TeamWork

    Light, mobile, and compact, the contemporary Teamwork Auxiliary Tables and Teamwork Satellite Tables provide extra workspace wherever it's needed.

  • Akira Table

    The Akira Table is height adjustable, mobile, and easily nests when not in use. This highly crafted table rises to the challenge of any active space.

  • Airtouch

    Airtouch promotes wellness in the workplace, enabling users to change their working positions from seated to standing.

  • Detour Mobile Desk

    Available in two functional shapes, the Detour Mobile Desk provides a simple, clean option for the contemporary office environment.

  • Enea Lottus Tables

    Designer Enea Lottus Tables are crafted to evoke a sculptural feel while retaining clean, simple lines for seamless integration into any space.

  • Enea Tables

    Available in varying heights and shapes, the full collection of Enea Tables create desirable spaces for offices, cafés, or conference rooms.

  • Holy Day Tables

    Holy Day Tables effortlessly make a statement in any space due to their clean lines, simple structure and high quality craftsmanship.

  • SW_1 Tables

    Crafted with equal parts intelligent design and beauty, the SW_1 Conference Tables and Occasional Tables welcome you to collaborative and social settings.

  • Emu Round Tables

    Available in a range of heights and shapes, Emu Round Tables use a simple, contemporary design to create inviting spaces.

  • Exchange

    The Exchange standing height table provides an inviting place for clinicians and waiting families to gather, share and connect.

  • Overbed Tables

    Overbed tables allow collaborative interaction to occur bedside – or anywhere in the patient room.

  • Ginkgo Biloba Table

    Classically designed and crafted, the Ginkgo Biloba Table is a contemporary take on traditional conference tables.

  • Sebastopol Tables

    The collaboration opportunities are endless with the interactive, sculptural designs of Sebastopol Tables.

  • Trees Tables

    Trees Tables are unique pieces that add interest and playfulness to contemporary office environments.

  • Convene

    Convene meeting tables and conference room furniture create a beautiful, durable, high-end space that reflects the essence of your brand.

  • Emu Ivy Tables

    The clean lines and minimal aesthetic of Emu Ivy Tables brings the inspiration of nature into the office.

  • Groupwork

    Groupwork tables and visual worktools promote open thinking from project rooms to café spaces, and anywhere in between.