Applied Research and Consulting 

A global consultancy focused on work and the workplace. 

A company’s greatest asset, and its most expensive one, is its people. After that comes technology and real estate. How well those assets are linked together with the organization’s work processes determines the company’s business results. We help companies link these four business drivers together to achieve greater results.

We work with public and private organizations around the world, from firms with fewer than a hundred employees to multinationals with thousands. ARC has worked with many global, regional and national companies and governmental entities throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, South America and North America.


To develop truly tailored solutions, we look across your organization to consider many factors that affect work and the work environment, such as real estate, technology, human resources and other key areas of the company. We often collaborate with our clients’ other consultants in HR, IT, organizational development, and other fields, and always partner with the design firm of record to meet client needs.

Every ARC engagement involves change. There is an opportunity to be seized, a particular issue to address, or a need to shift the organizational culture. Often it’s the realization that the current work environment is impeding other business or culture changes.

Partnering with our team engages not only our problem-solving consultants and the unmatched research assets of Steelcase, it also brings to bear the power of deep user engagement. This ensures a measurable change management process, improves alignment throughout the organization, and offers the potential for transformational change.