a Better Workplace

Create spaces to focus, collaborate, socialize and learn for a better workplace.

The global pandemic has fundamentally changed how we live, learn and work. People have new needs and expectations, requiring shifts in the way we think about buildings and the workplace. It’s time to move forward and use what we’ve learned to make work better.

Explore Four Foundational Space Typologies

Personal Spaces

A range of spaces balancing the needs of “me” and “we” gives people control over their privacy and comfort.
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Work Better collaboration environment

Collaboration Spaces

Flexible settings and mobile tools and technology support in-person and distributed teams of all sizes.
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Social Spaces

An intentional and flexible mix of shared and individual experiences foster a sense of community and belonging.
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Learning Spaces

High-performing, adaptable spaces deliver integrated learning opportunities for in-person and distributed groups.
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Design Principles

New Design Principles

A new set of design principles enables organizations to create a better work experience, delivering on what people need now and in the future.

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Me + We

Equally support individual
and team work

Fixed to Fluid

Design for greater
flexibility and mobility

Open + Enclosed

More enclosed “me” and
more open “we” spaces

Braiding Digital + Physical

Enhance the human
experience through technology


360 Research

We’re learning from what the world’s been through. While people have had different experiences throughout the crisis, it has led to five overarching things people need and expect to move forward. It’s time for a work experience that’s fundamentally better.

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