Libraries should inspire learning and self discovery, support the different ways people want to work and promote wellbeing.

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Future-Ready Libraries

How the role of the library is evolving to advance changes in technology, pedagogy and learning.

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Supporting the Evolving Library

How are libraries evolving to meet new student, faculty and community expectations? Download our booklet for new library research and thought starters.

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Connect + Collaborate

  • Optimize adjacencies
  • Support social learning
  • Plan for informal + formal learning
  • Design for creativity + sharing
  • Support changing pedagogies

Discover + Support

  • Provide opportunities for exploration
  • Help students + faculty navigate
  • Guide + advise students
  • Provide clear access to resources
  • Remove barriers to technology

Focus + Be Productive

  • Optimize performance in work and study spaces
  • Create spaces to concentrate and focus
  • Plan for comfort, security and wellbeing
  • Empower people with choice and control
  • Plan flexibility for changing needs

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Student’s Perspective on Active Learning

A Grand Valley State University student shares how the active learning library impacted her studies.

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Oasis for focused work

With the help of Brody, the University of Arizona was able to create a sense of privacy for students to get work done.

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Why You Want a Noisy Library

The addition of an Active Learning Center helped the University of Saint Mary scale active learning.

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