The Library Transforms to Learning Commons

Today’s library should be a place where traditional and new knowledge resources converge.

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Research + Insights

Today’s library should be a broader and deeper resource than ever, a place where traditional and new knowledge resources converge.

Our Insights and Applications Guide provides the latest thinking on library design and learning spaces.

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Libraries are becoming the academic heart of the campus, supporting social connections, collaborative needs and team projects.

Application Ideas

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Individual Study

Private study is still very prevalent in the library. Students need spaces that allow them to block out distractions and settle in for long periods of study.

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Group Study

Students often need space to work and learn together. Provide them with settings and tools to collaborate, co-create and discuss.

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Stories + Research

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Student’s Perspective on Active Learning

A Grand Valley State University student shares how the active learning library impacted her studies.

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Oasis for focused work

With the help of Brody, the University of Arizona was able to create a sense of privacy for students to get work done.

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Why You Want a Noisy Library

The addition of an Active Learning Center helped the University of Saint Mary scale active learning.

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