Supporting Faculty Work

The work of faculty is critical to an institution’s success. To support faculty needs, education workspaces must be as high-performing as the people who work in them.

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Designing Faculty Spaces

How have the changes that have transformed the world of work affected the work of faculty? How can we design spaces to support this changing reality? In the faculty spaces ideabook, we discuss what we learned in our research, different ways to think about faculty spaces, design solutions and applications.

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Supporting a range of thinking modes and work styles, expressing identity, facilitating the creating and sharing of knowledge and making students comfortable for meaningful interactions.

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The Future of the Faculty Office

Jeffrey J. Selingo has written about higher education for two decades and is the author of three books. In this whitepaper, he discusses why campuses should reconsider the traditional office, evaluates some recent trends in new faculty spaces and proposes several design approaches for the faculty offices of the future.

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