Real Work

Cool cafés are popping up in corporate environments everywhere. But any office can mimic the cool factor of a coffee shop with Wi-Fi and an espresso machine. Creating a great corporate third place that gives people what they need to do real work requires a lot more.

Making Distance Disappear

In today’s economic landscape organizations can’t allow distance to be a barrier to effective teams. As distributed teams become pervasive, the challenges they face become more evident.

2014 in Review: Steelcase Health Tradeshows

We recently reviewed 2014 in an overall sense, but wanted to focus as well on the events and conferences we participated

2014 in Review: A Time for Change in Healthcare

2014 has been a banner year for Steelcase Health, and in healthcare in general. Let’s take a look back at

Whole Person Health at the Healthcare Design Conference

The recent Healthcare Design Conference featured many excellent break-out sessions. One in particular that caught our attention, and did not

Leadership Style

A private office is not only a refuge and a place for focused individual work. It’s also a place where leaders need to make their thinking visible as they interact with colleagues in scheduled and spontaneous encounters.

Healthcare Design Conference 2014: On the Ground

The overall focus of the Steelcase Health booth at Healthcare Design is on applications that showcase an interesting mix of semi-open

Healthcare Design Conference 2014

Steelcase Health works with leading healthcare organizations to create places that help people experience greater connection, empathy and wellbeing, and

Closing the Achievement Gap with ēno

As enrollment has increased, the educational and socioeconomic needs of Upper Darby students have grown in complexity and severity. Almost 50 percent of district students meet the low-income standard set by the Free and Reduced Lunch Program, six schools receive Title I school-wide services and Upper Darby students represent an increasingly diverse population.

Creating the Link Between Learning and Innovation

It was clear from the start that this project was about much more than adding real estate. The new Learning

Creating the Link Between Learning and Innovation

The Steelcase Applied Research and Consulting (ARC) team, which translates insights from extensive Steelcase research into meaningful actions and measurable

Creating the Link Between Learning and Innovation

Today, learning is a fundamental business skill. The ability to continuously learn and adapt is critical to innovation and growth.