KwickScreen specializes in creating portable, retractable partition screens for healthcare environments, that bridge the gap between functional industrial design and artistic interiors.

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Portable Retractable Hospital Screens

KwickScreen’s patented protective screens have been specifically designed to prevent infection, making them the standout solution for patient safety. Screens are flexible and retractable and can be reconfigured as needs change. They can be moved by one person and set up in a matter of minutes. A variety of options are available for waiting rooms, vaccination cubicles, and patient rooms.

KwickScreen solutions act as a physical barrier between people or beds, preventing the transmission of harmful pathogens or viruses. Screens are engineered with a single touch point and are easy to clean with standard cleaning products.

Practical and durable, KwickScreen products are long-lasting and designed for use in high-traffic areas. Screens are durable enough to be cleaned daily, decreasing curtain cleaning costs and offering an environmentally friendly alternative to single-use options.

Panels are fully customizable, enhancing patient wellbeing by introducing the healing benefits of art to clinical spaces.

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