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Work Better:

The Design Issue

Some media say the office is dying, but we’d argue it is being reborn. If you step back and take the long view, work is going through a time of dramatic change – hybrid is new for most of us. We are all figuring out new rhythms and how work is evolving. It’s a time of rethinking and rebirth, not death. And that’s where design comes in. Designers are problem solvers, and the reinvention of work that is happening right now needs designers to challenge our assumptions and recreate our experiences.


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Spring/Summer 2022 Magazine cover
Issue 77

Spring/Summer 2022 Magazine

In offices around the world, organizations have adopted hybrid work policies, but haven’t changed their offices to support the new realities of hybrid work. Offices will need to earn people’s commute by meeting a new set of needs. This requires a shakeup in thinking about the future of the office. Read why office design should take its cue from the vibrant communities in which we live and the importance of creating neighborhoods at work that offer people places for collaboration, privacy and a sense of belonging.

360 Magazine Office Remix
Issue 17

Office Remix

Have you noticed? Many of today’s offices look more like a trendy café, a homey den or a playground than a place where work happens. Whether described as “resimercial,” “ancillary” or “anti-corporate,” informal shared spaces are the latest way organizations are trying to woo talent. Yet, despite their investments, many of these spaces often sit empty.

360 Issue 75 magazine cover

New Work. New Rules.

Have you noticed? Familiar patterns of office work are being upended as the race toward innovation intensifies. In organizations around the world, most of our work is now matrixed, project based and hyper-collaborative. It’s a fast-paced, active collision of ideas versus an orderly, linear sequence of individual contributions, more like a soccer game than a relay race.

Fast Forward 360 cover
Issue 15

Fast Forward

The office you remember is gone. Imagine in its place a workplace in harmony with the new ways in which you work. An agile space of rich colors and textures. An immersive landscape where artificial intelligence and virtual reality come together to help you solve complex problems. A place where you move to intuitive workspaces, connected conference rooms, comfortable lounges. Each day’s demands are different, and you wake up excited to meet them.

360 magazine Inside innovation cover
Issue 14

Inside Innovation

Learn. Experiment. Create. These are the essential ingredients necessary to solve today’s complex problems. Yet, so many organizations struggle to achieve this mindset. What can they do to inspire this shift? This issue of 360 explores how learning and innovation are linked and how the newest Steelcase Learning and Innovation Center is designed to support this critical relationship by creating habitats that activate a culture shift and foster the habits necessary for constant learning.

Issue 13

The Creative Shift

The shift has happened. We all saw change coming. Then suddenly it’s upon us and work is something fundamentally different. Today, we face problems too big, too complex to solve with yesterday’s ideas. The demand and desire for creativity at work is stronger than ever before.

The Office Renaissance
Issue 12

The Office Renaissance

For years, many have predicted the death of the office. Mobile technology allows us to work anywhere, so why do you need an office at all? Yet as the world becomes more complex, the places we work have never been more relevant. Work is a social activity and people need places to come together to solve problems. The office isn’t going away—it’s in the midst of a renaissance, where workplaces are becoming something fundamentally different.

Issue 11

Think Better

In workplaces throughout the world, scenarios of near-constant distraction have become the norm. Thankfully, our ability to focus is still salvageable. As a result of the vast amount of neuroscience research being done, there’s now hard evidence about what attention is, how it works, how to attain it and how to use it productively. By delving into the findings, Steelcase researchers have gained new insights into how our brains shape thoughts, emotions and behaviors, and then applied this new science to create concepts for how thoughtfully designed workplaces can help workers better manage their attention and think better at work.

Class, Can I Have Your Attention

Class, Can I Have Your Attention?

For years Steelcase has studied education with a unique, human-centered design research process. We observe educators at work and test design principles, product ideas and applications with the goal of improving student success, while immersing ourselves in the relevant research of others in such fields as learning research, cognitive neuroscience, environmental psychology, behavioral and social sciences and ergonomics.

This Education Edition is a compilation of 360 stories that explore these insights and demonstrate how new active learning environments improve student engagement and outcomes and help prepare them for success in the creative economy.